Shadow Portrait

bhandportrait copy

“Shadow portrait” Oil on Canvas 16″x20″

Hands are so very unique to the individual and so expressive, that they can rival portraits of facial features  This painting happened pretty quickly.  I found  painting it as satisfying as painting any other sort of portrait. The masking tape was fun to paint as well;)

Comments on: "Shadow Portrait" (98)

  1. Haunting….as if the hand is tentatively reaching out to itself.

  2. Amazing! Love the shadow and details❤️

  3. I’m in the detail-writing phase of my novel manuscript, and you just reminded me to include the hands in my characters. Thank you Elena! 😀

  4. Hands are so hard for most artists, so if you did this quickly, you are really good at them! You managed to convey a lot of personality through this hand. It’s sort of scary—but neat!

  5. Both hands are so full of expression, brilliant work Elena!

  6. Love this! So expressive…

  7. The hand and the shadow look like similar but separate things reaching for one another between worlds. I love this painting.

  8. Amazing detail. I could never draw hands (or anything else, really). But something about hands separated the good from the bad – I was the latter… 🙂 Beautifully done.

  9. Oh, dear, I thought I’d already left a comment.
    Anyway, Elena, it’s a terrific image. I’ve been photographing my own hand(s) lately. Hands fascinate me; I always notice people’s hands.
    If this is your hand, may I share it on “strata of the self” please?

  10. equinoxio21 said:

    Two of the greatest challenges for one who paints or draws? Hands and horses!
    (See Pisanello for the latter)

  11. Love it! I always had my students draw hands before trying faces because it was equally complex but less intimidating…. This piece has oodles of stories in it!!!

  12. Very fine. Hands are hard.

  13. Beautiful composition.

  14. settleandchase said:

    It’s true, they quietly tell our story..I like how the shape to the top left seems to be defiantly cheering somehow..!

  15. Human beings have started to think with their hands before with their brains…Elena this is a stunning artwork,very expertly done.I’m looking at over and over again…:)

  16. I have always loved shadows, particularly the soft ones because for me they represent that misty world we call reality.

    “Life’s a walking shadow”

  17. This is wonderful Elena – there is a whole person in that hand and its shadow. Immaculately painted as always!

  18. It is clearer than a protrait! I ❤

  19. So real! Just don’t know how you do it!

  20. Fantastic, so expressive! Hands really are such interesting subjects!

  21. Jane Thorne said:

    ❤ Xx

  22. Quite an image, Elena! Certainly made me look multiple times.

  23. This is quite unique and powerful.

  24. I like the ‘re-shaping’ to reveal the character of the unseen sitter.

  25. poppytump said:

    So sensitively executed Elena … and playful – as some one else has already remarked – I’m looking at this half expecting a thumb waggle 🙂

  26. Excellent work, Elena!

  27. Great painting! I find painting/drawing hand quite difficult.

  28. artbyroisin said:

    Love this

  29. Beautiful. I love the drama and playfulness, but most of all the way you make your marks.

  30. Wow! Fabulous Elena!

  31. so beautiful, Thank you dear Elena, love, nia

  32. typical “caravelish” = very good!

  33. mothcaterpillar said:

    wow! this is spooky-shly real! so good! 🙂

  34. So great, Elena. I love the transformation of the shadow hand and the gorgeousness of the paint application. Superb!

  35. It’s nice image ~great works.
    Good sunday dear Elenacaravela ^^

  36. Very moving Elena. I can feel the nerves in those hands. You’ve made art alive, which is of course what we all want. Congratulations on your creation.

  37. Stunning detail Elena,
    Hands and faces are difficult to capture. I always enjoy your art. 🐹🐹🗽

  38. Ah Elena, you commented on one of my drawings about “character lines” – yours in this hand portrait are fascinating and fabulous. Love the skin tones and wonderful definition, and the shadow brings a very interesting character to the table.

  39. Such a simple subject, but what a dramatic effect. The value changes are well done. Wonder painting Elena.

  40. I suck at drawing hands… This is spectalor.

  41. Cool and —– spooky !

  42. Beautiful detail. The interplay with the shadow doubles (squares, maybe?) the expressiveness factor.

  43. Very cool. I love drawings and paintings of hands, hands show a lot of a person. Great job.

  44. Very nice, I am enjoying how the shadow takes on an eery presence

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