bcrouch copy


Oil on Canvas 9″x12″

Borrowing from my watercolor practice, a small gestural oil.

Comments on: "Windswept" (65)

  1. Great! I don´t know what happens with your blog that it´s the third or fourth time it disappears from my reader.. Nice to see your work and evolution again!

  2. You captured innocence!

  3. settleandchase said:

    Alive and lovely, you’ve captured another fleeting moment so beautifully as always!

  4. equinoxio21 said:

    Very nice! I like the hair and the smile. (The hardest to achieve!)

  5. awesome work, as always, Elena! 🙂

  6. I love the dreamscape like atmosphere very much!Great delicate tones,she looks so alive,wonderdul work! 🙂

  7. Great body posture!

  8. orijinalchris said:

    Your work is consistently/constantly gorgeous, Elena; gorgeous technique/gorgeous subjects/gorgeous spirit (:

  9. Love the energy in this. And the gentleness in the eye of the storm.

  10. Energy in waiting!

  11. I’ll put it simply – I LOVE this!

  12. She looks like she’s surrounded by a favorite nature spot at the park or a forest somewhere. I love where you paintings take me away to.

  13. as a lover of the gesture in portraiture, this one made me smile. love it.

  14. Obviously, a nature loving girl, captured in a completely natural pose.

  15. As loose and flowing as the wind. Absolutely gorgeous, Elena!

  16. Just amazing. Superb painting Elena, so full of youthful innocence, optimism, life and simple joie de vivre, something I miss and that sadly, we all tend to lose to a certain extent as the years advance and life deals its knocks.

  17. There’s a hint of an imp about this young lady Elena ! Love it .

  18. 😡 Like, Like.

  19. The rhythm and movement of the background enhances this portrait and complements the title.

  20. Beautiful work Elena, you capture her playful spirit. I like how loose you kept the background and kept the details for her face.

  21. I agree with one of your commenters–she looks like a long, lanky young model. While still a happy child!

  22. she’s adorable…she’s a model in the making!

  23. Lovely, you have an amazing ability to capture the mood of your subjects.

  24. piękne ,urzekające kolorystycznie

  25. Jane Thorne said:

    Elena, you have captured her stance so beautifully. ❤

  26. Beautifully expressive & real! Love the range of color & the fluidity 🙂

  27. Yet another completely charming original illustrating your exceptional talent. with love, Eddie

  28. Brilliantly ‘borrowed’, Elena! [love the motion in the background] 🙂

  29. no wind here, in Artichokistan ! but the colors fit nicely in autumn . Pleasant to look at…

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