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  1. I know it’s all been said, but—WOW! Gorgeous photo’s, especially the top one… how did you get these; they look set up… were you laying on the ground with a tame hawk playing a meter away? Geez, your photography is as beautiful as your painting… what other stunning skills do you have?

    1. Much appreciated, Chris! This was easier than it looks. We feed the wild birds in the winter. The feeder sits right outside my kitchen window. So, it’s a cinch to use a long lens to capture bird antics. Unfortunately, the sparrow hawk also knows about the feeder and comes to try and capture breakfast every once in a while. I caught these pics on one of those occasions. I make a nice apple pie;)

  2. Brilliant shots! I saw one attack a small bird in my garden a couple of years ago, it was so awful, still gives me the chills to think of it..They are so quick and strong!

    1. This hawk hung around our bird feeder. I was alerted to his presence when a bird hit the window while getting away. All the birds disappeared for several hours even and returned only when this hawk was long gone.

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