bgrace copy 3

Portrait of G.          11″x14″ Oil on Linen



Comments on: "Flaxen" (98)

  1. G is very pretty and your talent is really exceptional, Elena… admiration and respect, good luck and tons of inspiration… my very best and friendly thoughts, Mélanie – Toulouse, FRANCE, “old Europe”… 🙂

  2. Only thing I can say Elena is, wow! A painting of perfection ~

  3. You have catch the soul on this artwork. Very good.

  4. She has a beautiful face!

  5. Just found this in my email box. Beautiful!!!

  6. Wow…G. is beautiful…that hair…and love the thought of her on linen!

  7. Striking eyes! A beautiful portrait, Elena.

  8. So very beautiful!

  9. A powerful sense of penetrating hesitation from this wonderful portrait Elena.

  10. She seems to be staring of into the distance wondering about what is going to happen with her life.

  11. Elena, your color palette is so glorious. I love her hair and the color of her blouse against her soft skin tones. The texturing around her face is the perfect compliment . Beautiful!

  12. settleandchase said:

    Wow. Such a great portrait Elena..she knows her own mind, I think, a very strong character comes out here, with a hint of that hestitation we all feel! The light is captured so beautifully.

  13. Such strikingly beautiful eyes, Elena! And I love the dreamy effect you have brought into this portrait. Amazing work!

  14. Words can’t even explain. Amazingly beautiful. Life like.

  15. I love the strength in that gaze. She is gorgeous! I think of these portraits as a collaboration in a way, there is real communication happening.

  16. Her eyes are so poignant.The expression,rhythm are all amazing.You make us see the invisible…excellent work.

  17. Beautiful portrait, Elena!

  18. Elena, I am sure one day I’ll open your blog and all the images will start walking outside of the screen… x

  19. Amazing color! And those eyes, just wow!

  20. She’s sensational, Elena. As always, nicely done.

  21. Wonderful portrait Elena – such eloquence in G’s expression. The quality of the skin tones and the hair is masterful.

  22. Gorgeous portrait, Elena! [I hope you don’t get tired of listening to that!] 🙂

  23. Gorgeous… Instantly pulled to the eyes

  24. Looks so light and fragile still strongly claiming own existence.
    This mesmerizing image captivates the mind !

  25. Your painting is senstively lovely! Ethereal! I ❤

  26. A beautiful portrait of a beautiful Girl Elena, G’s lovely blue eyes really engage you. Stunning portrait. 🙂

  27. poppytump said:

    Such a beautiful portrait Elena .. her arresting gaze just reaches out of that dreamy atmospheric light you’ve painted ….

  28. The subject is so beautiful, but it’s how you capture light that makes it so alive. Magic, Elena!

  29. orijinalchris said:

    Beautiful. Looks like pastels.

  30. A truly beautiful portrait. So alive!

  31. Excellent… 🙂

  32. A very beautiful portrait. The eyes and the hair are magical, and the features are enhanced by the soft, somewhat high key, background.

  33. “The eyes shout what the lips fear to say.” Well done , Elena!

  34. claudialasetzki said:

    Absolutely wonderful!

  35. Great painting dear Elena, your art always fascinates me. Thank you, love, nia

  36. You are an amazing talent. She’s beautiful!

  37. Wow. I just watched the movie “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, this reminds me of the character Miranda and the line from the script, “I know now that Miranda is a Botticelli angel.” Your portrait evokes that same wonder.

  38. Beautiful… I love the expression in those eyes.


  39. Wow! Just, WOW!

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