Active Resolve

bAndrew copy                                                     Acrylic, Oil, Graphite on Canvas  18″x24″

My handsome model’s presence and a challenge from my son, inspired a painting whose kinetic energy moves directly forward,  from movement to quiet resolution.  Articulating that movement required an  approach that differed from my usual.

I began with an energetic acrylic abstract painting.   Over top of the acrylic, I drew my subject with willow charcoal. To prevent the painting from becoming too muddy, I sprayed the drawing down with “SpectraFix” (a much healthier fixative to work with than the alternatives).  I proceeded with a very quick and incomplete grisaille underpainting of the figure, and then began painting in oil with color.  Over top, I played with oil sticks and pencil.

I’ve got to tell you that I really enjoyed the spontaneity of this process.  I found the energy to be contagious.  More paintings are in the works, experimenting with the same procedure.


Comments on: "Active Resolve" (77)

  1. voicewilderness1 said:

    This is a very Strong Painting. So expressive.

  2. in making marks with paint, i’ve tried all kinds of interesting things. i think experiementation is so much fun and a fabulous teacher. i loved this painting, he’s beautiful, and thank you for explaining your process in getting here. it is much appreciated to learn of how you create your wonderful pieces. xo

    • I couldn’t agree more, Linda. Experimentation is truly lots of fun and always teaches something. Thank YOU for your interest and for regularly posting your wonderful work!

  3. Gorgeous!!! It has so much freshness! Love this painting specially and I see you had lots of fun doing it!! Perfect combination of everything!!

  4. Very cool technique Elena – beautiful work. Your brushes strokes fill the canvas with great energy, the painting does have the feel of spontaneity and yet, your expertly captured the subject. Love the colors and final piece.

  5. Another wonderful portrait, Elena. I love how you use body language (position of hands for instance) to convey a certain emotion and mood.

  6. Spontaneous and spectacular!

  7. absolutely stunning … & thanks for sharing your process

  8. An interesting “multilayered” process for a special portrait, a lot of positive energy both in doing and in the painting.
    PS: time to wish you an Happy Christmas with a lot of happiness, peace and many many colors around:-)

  9. A really interesting process you have used for this amazing painting. There is indeed something spontaneous and free about how you captured the young man. I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas holiday.

  10. I love the choice of colors!

  11. You always do amazing works!!!Your model is really very handsome by the way:) In this picture I see the colours flowing from your hands,depicting the intuitive abilities,powerful mentality,also balance and the harmony of the person…representing how soothing personality he has…Such an excellent artwork! 🙂

  12. Amazing how you continually experiment… and with such great success! I love the blues in this one. And you totally captured the quiet energy.

  13. I don’t even begin to understand all the techniques you explain…but I do know that I love the thoughts of having acrylic abstract as the base! Love this and can’t wait to see more!

  14. Elena geat painting and no doubt I’ll have to have a go at the technique. Thanks for a superb year enjoying your work and the pleasure of your company. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year x

    • Oh, do play with the technique. I think you might really enjoy it. Thank YOU, Doron for your support and enthusiasm. And, for the joy of visiting your blog and work. Happy Holidays to you and yours!:)

  15. It is very very interesting the way you did it. the result is very magnifique!

  16. Your opening paragraph describes better than I could say exactly what I feel about this painting. There is a freedom and spontaneity,;a use of freer, longer brush strokes (perhaps facilitated by the slightly larger canvas than you sometimes use for your portraits); and an interesting choice of palette. I like this a lot!

    • It is somewhat larger than some of my portraits, and that does help, using more of the body to paint with and not just the fingers. Thanks very much, Louis!

  17. The energy of your initial approach combines beautifully with the stillness of the pose. You really have achieved the result you were looking for! And such a good title too!

  18. I applaud you Elena maybe like your subject there too 😉
    Wonderful freedom and expression .

  19. Wonderful emerging strength and independence of the subject in this fabulous portrait Elena. What fun for you and your lovely son together!

  20. I love the the energy of the loose and complete gestures and how they work together. An exciting, gorgeous painting, Elena! I can’t wait to see more!

  21. It’s wonderful when one piece can lead to the emergence of many more inspired works 🙂

  22. Fantastic – I really like the emotional push and pull between the abstract ground and the figure of your son. Determination, spontaneity, action. Really interesting technique.

    • This model really does resemble my son, but I can’t claim him;) I’m pleased that you found the contrasts and emotions effective. I really do appreciate your input. Thank you, Richard!

  23. It’s a great portrait in a wonderful style, Elena, I really love it! And I’m amazed to see behind the scenes, it’s always very interesting to read about the used technique.

  24. Elena,

    You captured your son’s essence. I sense energy, strength and a sense of calmness.
    MJ xx

    • While this handsome model resembles my son with his tall lanky posture, I can’t claim him as my own:) I am pleased that you are able to feel the moment. Thanks so much, MJ!

  25. I get the energy!

  26. It’s brave of you to experiment like this when you have achieved such consistently great results in the past. I look forward to seeing more of these.

  27. lots of energy, love it, thanks for telling about the process

  28. Very very beautiful and rich in detail. It must be your layers of material that create the texture and the depth and gives you such saturated color. I love this young man’s hands above all, but coupled with his thoughtful look, you can almost read into his mind. This young man is resolved to do something for sure. Exquisite Elena. May you have a blessed holiday with all you love. Susie

  29. Very cool…I love this one.

  30. you are prolific, and your paintings powerful. this is another great one.

  31. Absolutely wonderful! Such a great work, Elena! It’s fascinating to read about the process, thank you.

  32. This is fabulous and I love the colors…and I love how you name each one so perfectly!

  33. Elena, you surprise me every time …….. thanks for sharing your process !

  34. what a cool painting !
    The process sound pretty complicated —– still you say spontaneous.
    It’s a proof, how you are advanced in your skill.

  35. Great work. It is nice just roll with the process. (:- D

  36. Jane Thorne said:

    WOW, so many discplines and techniques in one painting Elena and I love the feel of the finished piece….your enjoyment shines through. Hugs x

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