The Depot

bround copyOil on 17.5″ wood panel

While shopping at Home Depot, I spotted a wooden disk that I had to have. While it’s ridiculously heavy and I have no idea what it was created for, it served as a terrific surface for this painting. I think I’ll pick up another panel next time I’m at the Depot.

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  1. tus pinturas hablan por si solas, el tema de la mujer como figura central es parte de tu magia pues hechiza a quienes lo vemos. Hoy llevo un museo indelebre en mi cabeza con obras de elenacaravela

  2. Beautiful work as always Elena, the red sweatshirt is so cool against the green and I love how she has a nose ring! I am thinking about getting one myself. Hope to see you sometime soon!

    Best wishes-

  3. orijinalchris said:

    More gorgeousness! I love Doron’s comment ‘I bet you can paint on thin air’ … I totally agree with that sentiment (:

  4. Wow! Amazingly gorgeous and as usual, the hands are a marvel.

  5. You amaze me Elena! I should send you a tree round to paint on. 😉

  6. She has got piercing eyes,like looking at someone or something that attracts her.As if she is waiting it to come for her fearlessly. Great work! 🙂

  7. Love your creativity – wonderful painting. Great way to start the year!

  8. Wow, this is a good start for what will be a great year!

  9. Jane Thorne said:

    I love the way you have captured her expression and the eloquence of her hands Elena. ❤

  10. wow! Love it, the hands are beautiful.

  11. That was a wonderful idea! I love the painting.

  12. Elena great start for 2015, do you treat the disk with any primer, gesso? I bet you can paint on thin air… probably will save you a trip to the depot… Have a super creative 2015 my friend 🙂

  13. May I ask with what colors you achieved the skintones ?. Is it done ‘alla prima’ ? I’m learning a lot from your technical ability 😉

    • Sure! Primarily, I am using; titanium white, warm white, raw sienna, burnt sienna, cerulean blue, terra verte, alizarian crimson, cad red deep, medium and light. The first layer is alla prima, but I did glaze with mixtures of terra verte and raw sienna and/or alizarin crimson to darken in places when the layer was dry. Happy to help, if I can:)

  14. With five granddaughters, now aged 18 – 23, I feel I have seen this expression so many times!!

    • 🙂 Thank you, Louis! Lucky you, perhaps not always in moments like this, but in the myriad others faces of teens, changing emotions from moment to moment.

  15. poppytump said:

    A marvellous find Elena … and you’ve painted one young lady here who has made up her mind too by the looks of it . Such lovely complementary colours !

  16. That’s awesome, Elena…lol And a gorgeous portrait. I like how it makes me wonder just what’s on her mind.

  17. My goodness, it’s a wonderful painting, conveying a strong feeling of agitation or attitude.

  18. It so had your name on it!! Terrific! Happy New Year!!! xo

  19. That disc was waiting for you! Terrific work Elena!

  20. Insightful portrait

  21. The faroutfulness is terrific!

  22. It’s very nice but I get the sense your subject didn’t much care to be a subject in this painting

  23. This is fabulous, Elena!! And have a wonderfully happy new year too! 😉

  24. That wooden disc has found it’s purpose!! 🙂

  25. Another wonderful capture. Could the wood be a bread board?

  26. Not sure what the disc was for, but you’ve certainly put it to good use! Wonderful observation in this painting i love it.

  27. What a great disk-covery. : ) You have turned it into masterpiece. Incredible!
    You paint the most wonderful human gestures and expressions.

  28. such rugged honesty in this…

  29. Beautiful dear Elena, Thank you. Happy New Year, love, nia

  30. Absolutely wonderful portrait, Elena! You worked exceptionally! Congratulations!
    Happy New Year, Elena! 🙂

  31. amazing painting and beautiful words elena 🙂

  32. Whatever this disc’s original purpose, your use of it trumps any by a mile. Superb as always Elena!

  33. Love Home Depot but I definitely love your paintings better. Amazingly beautiful, you are always an inspiration. Love the expression on the girls face, this painting speaks.
    Best Wishes for the New Year.

  34. In comparison to bouncy soft canvas, does hard firm base of wooden panel, creates
    hard metallic structure like image ? That’s what I feel on this sharp painting. = may be
    suits for the character of this lady. Very impressive painting in deed. Elena.

  35. Carol baldwin said:

    Looks like your desk is being put to good work!

  36. P.s. Happy 2015 Elena!

  37. Love the painting and the wooden panel canvas!

  38. Beautiful, Elena. The green background is wonderful with all the warm colors in this painting.

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