bsnowing copy

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 18″x 24″

It’s icing/snowing-again.


Comments on: "Icy" (91)

  1. beautiful painting!

  2. Elena, I love this one. It’s beautifully dimensional and intriguing!

  3. Hi, your paintings are amazing, I like how can you play with the Light, I love it, greetings!

  4. Gradation of blues and grees are stunning,she has got an enigmatic expression,I wonder what she is looking at,is she expecting something?I don’t know what’s going on in her and that’s very haunting.Everything is gorgeous…:)

  5. Once again, the small gesture of hand holding hair is a powerful component of this beautiful portrait.

  6. She’s a gorgeous snow princess. It’s quite wonderful how you capture those momentary gestures of the figure and faces.

  7. Exceptional beauty,there is serenity and wonder in that look.Beautiful colortp mach the impression of the face.Best regards.jalal

  8. mothcaterpillar said:

    So pretty! but maybe worried? snow is good 🙂

  9. A captivating portrait. I love how the young lady emerges as out of a wall of ice. As Sally points to, the painting has a lot of dept and mystery.

  10. Love that background! And the portrait is stunning.

  11. You always succeed with your artworks. I’m wondering, do you use real models or photos when you paint ? Great works.

  12. Great portrait.

  13. Everything to love about this portrait Elena!

  14. The perfect time to make more art! Love this…but then I love them all…but especially the detail of her blouse…gives it such a feminine touch. She’s beautiful. Stay warm!

  15. Your work is so amazing, Elena. I love to see it.

  16. And how! I didn’t expect this today, but after all, it’s winter. This painting is lovely!

  17. There is always a lovely translucency to your paintings Elena. The skin tones are so natural, and a great sense of movement in this painting – she has just turned and you have ‘got’ that moment.

  18. Ah, Elena, I love it how she emerges from the blue-turquoise ice. Hats off! 😉

  19. kristelsaintcyr said:


  20. it’s like a vision, a mirage! So well done! Great art.

  21. It is masterful to paint the bit of white around her collar and on her sleeve…reminds me of the Flemish Masters who did so much with bits of white.

  22. A delightful statement from a very beautiful girl – despite her predicament she turns her best side to the artist and feels to make sure her hair is as she would wish it! That’s one cool lass in more ways than one!

  23. Another stunning example of incredible skill. The power of your design is awesome, I see her emerging from the mountain tops in perhaps triumphant in her quest. Beautiful lighting and texture throughout. Love her skin tones.

  24. You have such a gift for capturing emotion in your work… and beautiful too.

  25. This is beautiful. I love the blues and greens, and how she is is the middle of it all, where’s the beauty.. In any part of this painting! xo

  26. Should I say it again? Another masterclass, Elena! The lighting on the face is quite lovely – it reminds me of that fuzzy reflected brightness you get when dusted with snow… and on a similar vein, the ice and the background is just perfect. It makes me feel freezing cold, but in oh such a good way!

    We actually had some snow here – for the first time in a couple of years – over the weekend 🙂

  27. Wow, photographic realism but so much better than photographic. So gorgeous! The hand and hair, just wow! The icy cloak and background is perfect.

  28. I like that it’s a horizontal, and where you placed her. The colors certainly fit the title!

  29. Love her expresion and the colors, strong and vivid, surrounding her, trying to catch her…

  30. Breathtakingly beautiful and appropriate titled!

  31. piękna zamyślona i tajemnicza …

  32. I love this Elena. Faboulous painting!

  33. Wow, Elena!! That looks really awesome! I love the ice. She looks beautiful! Her hair is amazing. 🙂

  34. Amazing’ve worked this picture, Elena!
    Portrait of very expressive. Chromatic superb! Thank you so much for sharing!
    All the best to you! 🙂

  35. I continue to be amazed…and inspired. Your “view” is enthralling for starters. R.

  36. Fantastic, other planet!

  37. An emotional portrait with depth and mystery…

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