breading copy

Oil on Canvas 11″X14″

Drawing on my experiments with line, a speedy alla prima oil.

Comments on: "Immersed" (56)

  1. She’s really in a different world, or time…great!

  2. This is beautiful, Elena! I remember when I used to be able to read that way. Not any more…old creaky bones. 😉

  3. i love drafts. because i see the work, i feel the brush

  4. A lovely painting. You have really captured the young woman being fully concentrated and absorbed. I love the causal and free strokes.

  5. This is beautiful Elena. One can sense the focus and concentration with which she is reading that book.

  6. orijinalchris said:

    I bet you could make an abstract look sensuous (:

  7. Excellent! You have wonderfully depicted her concentration,her features,the hair are all amazing,looks alive!I admire how expertly you use the brush,so admirable 🙂

  8. How well you’ve captured this girl immersed in her book. Love the blue fingernail, and the hand bent to cradle a cheek.

  9. Wonderful gestural strokes. They match the casualness of the pose, in a way.
    I’m loving these, Elena!

  10. Speedy! What! For goodness sake. Gorgeous face and hair! It is inspiring here at your blog, but also daunting. I will keep practicing. 😀

    • Not to be daunted! We all have our “specialties”. I marvel over your design and patterns and terrific work with simple pencils and pens:) Speedy is actually easier, but thank you!:)

  11. This one happily reminds of a Van Gogh portrait, especially the lighter areas.

  12. It is very beautiful painting created, Elena. It evokes inner wellbeing and comfort! I really like! Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful work!
    All the best to you, Elena! ❤ 🙂

  13. Gorgeous Elena, you gave us her relaxed state of mind with your swift strokes and perfectly balance of light and shadow. The lines are working beautifully.

  14. the lips…the hair…oh my…love!

  15. mothcaterpillar said:

    ooohhhh… so beautifully captured! it brings back a good feeling of being lost in a book… I think I forgot all about it… thanks for a reminder! love it! 🙂

  16. Another beauty Elena, you are on a roll!

  17. Stunning! I love all your portraits 🙂

  18. love your picture ,it conveys so much , thoughtful and pensive

  19. That must be a really good book she is reading 😉
    Love the painting- the colors seem to pop on this one. Great job!

  20. Another great title for another great work!

  21. The freedom, a fish in the water ! — like a flow in your water color.
    I like it !

  22. Your experiments with line are really working out brilliantly Elena! 🙂

  23. Love the care-free intensity!

  24. Unique contrast in the colors.Regards.

  25. So finely balanced – I love it!

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