Button Up

bcold! copy


Oil on Linen 18″x 24″

It’s pretty cold out there! I’m constantly pulling my coat a little closer.

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  1. Lovely work in here. (Visiting having seen this one on Strata of the self blog)

  2. I am working backwards and loving these self-portraits Elena

  3. I can feel the cold. I was in Florida when you posted this. Makes me want to go back…

  4. We are still buttoning up here. I like how your expression is somewhat foreboding, like the cold has taken its toll. wonderful work.

  5. waaaaasaaaaaaaa this is amaizing!

  6. settleandchase said:

    I know nothing about this technique, but I LOVE the light here, particularly on the side of the face..and that determined movement. Brilliant.

  7. poppytump said:

    *shiver … oh yes … I can feel that clasp and pulling the warmth inwards Elena !

  8. elmediat said:

    Excellent composition. She seems to be having second thoughts about foregoing the toque . 🙂

  9. You damn good😉

  10. So amazing how you can express movement in your paintings!!

  11. Even the sky behind the figure says “cold”!

  12. Such a captivating art! The textures in the scarf,the beauty of earth tones,expertly use of light and shadow,movement of the hand,and the amazing expression are all stunning! 🙂
    And I would like to have a coat like that :))

  13. Oh wow! This is terrific! The hair and the rush of the hands pulling tighter … great work Elena 🙂

  14. Jane Thorne said:

    Your beautifully captured facial expression speaks volumes Elena… Xxx ❤

  15. A very expressive painting. Awesome. I can literally feel how cold it is.

  16. DO stay warm and safe, dearest! It’s beautiful to make fabulous paintings of being bitterly cold, but not entirely as fun to *be* that cold! 😉

    • Well Kathryn, I can tell your that since this painting, I am remembering to include my hat and gloves:) You stay warm as well!

      • Will do! We just got word that the university is closing down again for the night/morning thanks to ice storm warnings, meaning that another big concert (Mozart Coronation Mass, in which R’s University Singers are to perform under the orchestra conductor) is scratched tonight. Hope they can reschedule, but it’s hard to find time and space in such a huge music program! Ah, well, Mother Nature always gets the last laugh.

        Glad your painting inspired you to go out better prepared. 🙂 Warmest (((HUGS))) from here!

  17. So much warmth in this fabulous portrait Elena!

  18. nice nose elna

  19. I love those highlights in your hair 🙂 Lovely portrait. And I’m so ready for Spring…lol

  20. Another brilliant painting dear Elena! Love it❤️

  21. Only warmth within ourselves can create warmth in others, and all your work has a warmth and beauty that only a true artist like you can create.

  22. Wonderful portrait! Thanks for sharing. How long did it take?

  23. You have captured the ‘chillness’ in the air. Amazing work Elena!

  24. Fabulous self-portrait Elena! This must be so hard to do.

  25. Oh, I can relate to that shivering (and beautiful!) Subject. How nice to see another self portrait., Elena. I like the indication of small movements.

  26. Indeed I do love portraiture…so much of yourself,or someone else, is there, physically, mentally. The human form always a pleasure to view. Your work is so real and rich with feeling. The color complements pop and get our attention to see you lost in thought and cold. Brilliant.

  27. So expressive! You are really talented, Elena!

  28. This is fantastic.

  29. Beautiful colour harmony throughout this portrait. I guess the ‘sitter’ was pretty well satisfied!?

  30. The red and oranges in this are so wonderfully vibrant. I just love that scarf! Beautiful.

  31. Such a lovely sense of light – this painting glows from within.

  32. Getting the comparatively immobile face and the mobile hands to work together must have been quite a task. It’s something I could see (Scottish artist) Ken Currie trying. Well done.

  33. Cold indeed. Splendid piece of artwork!

  34. Love the clarity in that expression—I relate as I make it every time I step out in the cold.

    How long did it take you to paint that?

  35. I really like this. I am liking these a great deal more than the other ones. I do not know why. I wonder if some of it is the linen. I am not judge of good or bad or the why behind a like. I love all of the rusts, especially against the blues.

    • You’ve go it, Elisa. Linen is a dream surface, the paint simply glides. It’s also really expensive, so I pay more attention to what I’m doing:) Thanks, much. I’m glad you like the new batch.

  36. I feel it! Nice contrast of high detail on her face with the blurred motion of the hands (understandable — got close up that coat!)

  37. This pretty much says it! Didn’t know it was going to be just 19 degrees — I was set to go jogging and changed my mind — the wind makes it worse!

  38. Fantastic art work!

  39. I love the motion in the hand – really gives a sense of the reaction to the chill!

  40. A self portrait?!!! Love it Elena – especially the expression and the moving hand! 🙂 xx

  41. beautiful how you show movement and emotion!

  42. Giving such strong impact. First moment, I thought this is a still shot of a film in a studio,
    with a back projection of sky because of its very dramatic set-up and the lighting.
    (almost artificial)
    —– Yah, looks like revolution is coming.

  43. I love this one, Elena! Wow, the colors are fantastic!

  44. This is exciting piece Elena, the blur of your arms clearly showcase the numbing cold (just a perfect illustration) and the expression on your face. This is you right? Also love the compliment of colors with sky against the fabrics (awesome work). I love this painting.

  45. claudialasetzki said:

    I’m so glad to meet/see ya!!! 😉 Beautiful!

  46. Another brilliant portrait. One can feel the cold, and enjoy the warmth of your palette

  47. Lovely, thoughtful SP, Elena! Love the gathering clouds.

  48. So beautiful. Fascinated me. Thank you dear Elena, love, nia

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