bmeno copy


Oil on Linen 24×24″

A product of my recent exercises in backlight and line.  First in a series.

Oh, and I’m pleased to share that my work and links are now included in the directory/gallery of the curated site, Figurative Artist.

Comments on: "Melange" (85)

  1. Love the expressive hands and the lighting.
    Good job

  2. Congratulations Elena.. your work looks great over there !

  3. Like the contrast between the whites on the background and the skin and hair tones!

  4. So much strength and power in your hands Elena with the driving force lurking in the shadows of your brilliant creativity.

  5. Gorgeous art.Amazing capture of the soul heavy with confusion,and I’m in love with the way how you use the gradients expertly 🙂

  6. I love how you’ve painted the shadow cast on her face. Excellent work, as always, Elena.

  7. Excellent and dramatic.

  8. settleandchase said:

    Such a great mixture of the tough and the tender here very real..I know nothing about this technique but it’s incredible how you feel a light source, as if it’s shining in and out of the painting, and bringing the character to life..congratulations! The beginning of many more I feel 🙂

  9. Congratulations Elena, very well deserved. Superb painting! 🙂

  10. Hello Elena,

    Are you accepting any commission work now? I’m interested in having a portrait done by you.
    Please contact me at: glitterwriter at gmail dot com

    Thanks so much.


  11. Gorgeous painting and love the way I can feel the tension in her body posture, facial expression and hands.

  12. Good job! and “whatever”

  13. elmediat said:

    Superb composition. There is a great sense of ambiguity in the pose and expression. Leaves the interpretation open to a number of intriguing possibilities.

    BTW – I first read the line as “A product of my recent exercises in Blacklight and line.”, which left me wondering for a moment about technique and display. 😀

  14. Amazing portrait ,the expression is timeless.Jalal

  15. Stunning! 🙂

  16. You have quite a nice flesh technique – the colour is built up and not at all flat, if you know what I mean. I’m liking the shadow across the face, very Rembrandt 🙂

  17. Another beautiful painting. You have such a good understand of lights and shadow – and expressing the human character. Congrats with being showcased on Figurative Artist.

  18. Congratulations!

    Fragility, a painful melange of disappointment, disillusionment and fear.

  19. Congrats!! Of course that’s no surprise! 🙂 Her hands are amazing!

  20. My goodness, what a powerful emotion this portrait evokes! How the hands and the averted face convey rejection/repulsion. Wonderful. The Figurative Artist site is beautiful–congratulations.

  21. I don’t have anything particularly new to say about the portrait. but congratulations on your inclusion in Figurative Artists.

  22. A very big deal Elena – congratulations on your inclusion in Figurative Artists!! Doesn’t surprise me in the least, your work is top-rated. Melange is an awesome piece of work, fantastic hint of shadow behind you and great motion/emotion. You work on back lighting has totally paid off – light and shadows superb in this painting.

  23. Another wonderful painting, Elena! Congratulations on being included on Figurative Artist – it looks great!

  24. Jane Thorne said:

    Eloquence beautifully captured Elena and congratulations on having your work included in ‘Figurative Artists’…wonderful. ❤

  25. oh, oh, oh, what a raw gesture…

    “…ce modèle donne l’impression de ne pas vouloir aller au bain…” – I love that interpretation! 😀

  26. Beautiful. And congratulations on being on “figurative artist”!

  27. Great work and great results. Way to go Elena.

  28. Well done! And I’m looking forward to the series!

  29. As always, my dear Elena, exceptional work and congratulations for being [rightfully!] included in ‘Figurative Artist’. 🙂

  30. excellent work, Figurative Artist looks like a nice site, well done you!

  31. Congratulations, Elena! It must feel wonderful. 🙂

  32. Your poignant work is a delight, Elena. I really like the painting on the curated site, as well; congratulations on your continuing success. 🙂

  33. Absolutely wonderful! You have a great talent, and congratulations to you!

  34. Amazing work…. 🙂

  35. Very nice.

  36. Beautiful works!!!

  37. I really like your style and your sensitivity

  38. Félicitations … Mais ce modèle donne l’impression de ne pas vouloir aller au bain …?!!!

  39. claudialasetzki said:

    Congratulations on your success Elena! You deserve it!
    Keep up the wonderful work you do! 🙂

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