My Self



Oil on Linen 24″x 24″

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. This moving painting makes me wonder who is behind those hands and what kind of energy or spiritual force guides each paint stroke.
    The closed eyes hide a certain vulnerability and distance.

  2. My title for it: Life’s Blood. You clearly have paint and color running in your veins, replicating in your cells. What a marvelous image, and what a marvelous Vocation you have. You are inspiring.


  3. Another beauty Elena – I feel the “aw look at my hands” and love how fantastic the hand gestures were painted. Your arms and hands have really nice form. Here is what I love – your beautiful face, as master a such a relaxed feel, beautiful edging and shadows. This series is one of my favorites.

  4. The focused ‘dialogue’ taking place between the eyes and the hands is beautifully captured and, in a self portrait, it is intriguing. I assume a camera was used?

  5. I am always aware of your brushwork. In this painting you make me aware of the hands that create the brushwork… you make me aware almost with brutality. This is one of the most expressive paintings I have seen so far on this blog.

  6. Such a powerful painting Elena . The gesture of your taut outstretched paint stained hands one speaks volumes . Silently .
    Wonderful !

  7. Dear Elena, the expression is great… you almost give the expression in your art painting… Fascinated me. Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

  8. Yet another dramatic shot from screen play —– goodness, you war not gazing at your blood stained fingers but just a paint 🙂
    In fact this is pretty charming picture !

  9. Our creativity is such a part of “self” it is un-separable. The imagery, Elena, captures that essence.

    Unless, of course, what you really are saying is…”Oh, I haven’t a clue what we’re having for supper…”

  10. A very powerful portrait Elena! Wonderful stuff! What sprang immediately to mind was ‘Out, out damn’d spot.’ Lady Macbeth muttering to herself as she sleepwalks through her castle. Wringing her hands as if washing them.
    Are you thinking of ridding yourself of the paint Elena or is it as much a part of you, and I guess it must be, as the king’s blood become burned into Lady Macbeth’s conscience? You certainly seem to be contemplating how meaningful, and how much a part of you, it is. 🙂

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