It May Be Spring


It may be spring, but in my neck of the woods, Mother Nature takes one springy step forward and then two frosty steps back.   A crocus or two have emerged, but nothing much that’s green has appeared yet.  In the swamp however, the migratory birds are back, and all of our bird population is busy with checking out mates and real estate.

All of the photos I’m bombarding you with, were captured yesterday or just a few days prior.

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. These are great shots. Looking at them brings out the better the cold and frosty months have to show. I’m thrilled enough though to hear the songbirds again finally…lol

  2. The birds are tough, aren’t they? Quite a few birds returning here too, and today was finally glorious! I’ve been watching the crows build a nest across the street. These are lovely images, Elena.

    1. Yes, there are very tough little creatures-astounding, really in their ability to survive.
      Keep an eye on the crows. I’d love to see crow portraits through your eyes. Thanks, Karen:)

  3. I love…winter and when spring is in the air I always feel a little sad…but after a few walks around with a blue sky, flowers blooming in the fields, birds singing in the wood yes I like spring as well!
    PS: great captures, love that cardinal 🙂

  4. I am sure spring will finally break through in your part of the world – and then all the winter and snow will soon be forgotten. Nevertheless you have been able to use the long transition time to capture some beautiful images. They all bring forth the feeling of imminent spring and warmer time. 🙂

  5. It’s the last day of March and here it’s going out like a Lion with high winds and rattling roof tiles ! How lovely to catch all these little birds sizing up everything in sight 😉
    I’m now reminded I’d like to take another look at your lovely bird paintings and sketches ….

    1. Yes, a Lion! I guess we’re both anticipating the birth of the lamb:) These little birds do look savvy. They must know something that we don’t;) Keep that sweater close, Poppy-and thanks!

  6. Its so good to see the birds appearing – your cardinal is such a wonderful bright little spark. We are gradually getting a feel of autumn, but we never have the distinct season changes you have. Love the nest too!

  7. Glad to see that kind of busy – beautiful. Yes, Spring’s the same here – we’re in for a bit of Autumn for the next couple of days, apparently – very strong winds and cold.

  8. Nice captures, Elena. Cardinals are so beautiful and prominent and I love the structure of the ice! We had funny weather today when everything was changing in quick succession – heavy rain, sunshine, fine rain, snowing, blue sky and dark grey overcast sky… and yet today was the first day when I really felt spring in trees, in the hills, in the overall atmosphere.

  9. Beautiful photos Elena! Same thing is happening here. Those two frosty steps backward brought my eyes to see another snowfall this morning!! Sigh… at least there is beauty in it.
    Thanks for sharing these. ~Rita

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