Study of D:Looking up


I’m mad about linen.  Stretched, rolled, less expensive or deluxe, it IS my favorite painting surface.

It felt decadent to use linen for a study, but I got over the splurge;)

Comments on: "Study of D:Looking up" (80)

  1. Looks great!So full of life…The tones of colours the use of light all amazing! 🙂

  2. The right surface is a beautiful thing! And each of your paintings is deserving of fine linen.

  3. Absolutely stunning. You have a great talent!

  4. It’s always interesting to see how a work of art comes to life. It’s a beautiful painting.

  5. settleandchase said:

    For your beautiful portraits it’s never a splurge – it’s a must!! 🙂 So human and emotive as always Elena!

  6. Regard magnifique. Très réussi le soleil sur le rose de ses joues. Toutes mes félicitations.

  7. This is lovely Elena. Beautifully wistful! 🙂

  8. I love the texture evidence in the piece…apparently due to the linen. Study or not, it adds beauty to the work.

  9. Her look has something intense.
    It really makes you wonder what she is looking at.

  10. I had to literally tear my gaze away from this painting. You are amazing Elena!

  11. Oh it is amazing! Wonderful and well worth the splurge!

  12. This is excellent, Elena. I can eat it up with a spoon!

  13. The expression, so beautiful…

  14. Splurging is good (and in the case of art (as with books) you can count it as a necessity)!
    Beautiful, Elena!

  15. This painting is gorgeous and contemplative! Go ahead and splurge on linen, you talent deserves the best!

  16. poppytump said:

    A complex expression I feel here Elena .. love just trying to fathom it all out …
    Indulge yourself … you’re worth it 😉

  17. He seems to be plunged in a reverie with the eyes fixed on something invisible for us.

  18. LOVE the texture that linen brings! Beautiful!

  19. Happy splurging Elena, you deserve it! Love the silver tones in the early stage, another fine portrait and a wonderful perspective!

  20. very beautiful artwork.. my favorite of your works

  21. Just beautiful, Elena! I love the catchlights on the forehead and the pearl earring. Also, wonderful face expression and hues. Great work! 🙂

  22. Lovely Elena – the unfinished version reminds me of a medieval fresco. It has an almost spiritual feel to it.

  23. Beautiful!

  24. amazingly life like & brilliant~

  25. Oh, good for your for splurging, so important to do! As always, your paintings explore the radiance of a personality. Just beautiful!

  26. And linen obviously loves you, Elena!!!! Wonderful work!

  27. Linen or not, your work is always a treat for the eyes Elena! Glad you treated yourself to the splurge. ~Rita

  28. Reblogged this on Mon carnet.

  29. I can’t see the linen texture, but the pensive result is superb

  30. An uncommon pose perhaps, but it conveys so much about the sitter. As always in your work the eyes are so expressive.

  31. Very beautiful, as usual.

    I like linen on cardboard, in the beginning it was a bit tricky but now I’m used to it and I find it very handy and it’s usually my surface of choice.

    I love the expressive look… wonderful.

  32. Superb! Ten thousand stories begin with that look.

  33. THis is GORGEOUS!!! Her thoughtfulness is amazing.

  34. Glad you got over the splurge Elena, she is an awesome painting. Gorgeous skin tones and luminous hair. Looking up is such a difficult angle to paint, but you nailed it – she is enchanting.

  35. Oh I love the idea of a splurge to feed your creative side like this…and what a beautiful study. I do love how you capture the expressions, lives and thoughts of people on canvas or linen!

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