brestless copy

16″x 20″ Oil on canvas

A more limited palette.  I often lean on color to help me create form and interest. With this painting, I’ve limited color and used it sparingly, paying closer attention to line and shadow.

This painting was my third effort-same subject, and the only one to survive;)

Comments on: "Restless" (83)

  1. It’s lovely. Such a seemingly simple thing, using line to good effect.

    It’s amazing how little information we need visually. to fill in details and make sense of form.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work

  2. Great job, you really captured the feeling.

  3. Beautiful work – would have been interesting to have seen the evolution of the image, from your first attempt through to this 🙂

  4. Truly excellent!… Congratulations and best wishes to you. Aquileana ⭐

  5. I am way behind here (I’ve been away) – the limited palette really works at drawing attention to the face, my eye goes straight to it, and the sense of her worry is pervasive. You have really caught that sense Elena.

  6. Restless and so beautifully composed.

  7. Incredible work Elena!

  8. Very well expresses my own feelings as I lie awake at night. You have a great talent for imparting emotion.

  9. I love the limited colour palette. A beautiful painting – and very restless, no doubt.

  10. Just love restless…

  11. Beautiful limited palette. Another lovely painting. ~Rita

  12. Another Excellent work…Her dispirited expression is on the centre of the painting,the somber colours also emphasize the mood and the gloomy atmosphere…shodows and lines are all brilliant,amazingly done 🙂

  13. settleandchase said:

    Truly love this Elena..I’m trying to describe how but’s just magnificent how you’ve captured such a powerful, particularly female energy..oh how I know this feeling in the night..just beautiful.

  14. Very expressive portraits. I really like how it came out, even if the color palette is limited!
    You are very talented and sincerely congratulate you, dear Elena!
    You May Have a very happy and much more successful in everything they do.
    Hugs, Ştefania ❤ 🙂

  15. Beautiful ! What a wonderful talented artist .

    I love your work Elena.


  16. Subdued palette but very expressive

  17. I can definitely feel the restlessness! Lovely work, Elena.

  18. Such an intense expression on that face Elena. Great work, as always 🙂

  19. Almost makes me a little anxious to look at her – I can see her hairs thrashing; she’s almost one with (lost in?) the background chaos. Interesting as always, Elena.

  20. This is a great survivor, Elena. Muted and moving at the same time.

  21. poppytump said:

    … vulnerable … I feel a self imposed stillness with a revealing tension around her hand there and the deep shadow …
    Played down emotions . Wonderful Elena .

  22. Well, it’s brilliantly done, of course, straight-down-the-middle Elena Caravela style. But I see a kind of tension, rather than restlessness. Know what I mean?

  23. So talented you are. I love this one!

  24. I love the limited palette here. So beautifully done, Elena!

  25. The position and expression bring out so much emotion in this piece, it is just wonderful. Your paintings really do capture what being human really is / looks like / means, at least in the the way I always perceive them. Such a gift.

  26. Hi, Elena, you’re up on ‘strata of the self’ again:
    And I’ll line up this wonderful image too.

  27. Beautiful feeling here. Like a mix of contemplation and vulnerability.

  28. Thanks Elena, for continuing to be a restless dreamer.

  29. I admire your experiments, they come together in front of us Elena. This was totally successful especially with the shadows and soft edges.

  30. Love the intensity of this, Elena – very angular and hard.

  31. i really really like this

  32. Very well done.

  33. aptly titled. Beautifully rendered.

  34. You’ve captured the emotion, the quiet and deep worry, the wondering “what can I do?” Of course we are all speaking for ourselves-:)

  35. Well I’m glad this one survived because it’s a beauty!

  36. really lovely, love the strong contrasts and the reds you have used!

  37. So beautiful. She looks like she is alive

  38. The facial expression is full of feeling.

  39. Brilliant and she is indeed restless! Bravo, my friend! 🙂

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