Portrait of S

bsamh copy

Oil on Linen 24″x 24″

One of those paintings that I keep fussing with.  I’ll probably give it a week of rest and then fine tune it a little bit more.

Comments on: "Portrait of S" (85)

  1. Hi Elena,exceptional portrait.

  2. Dream like qualities.

  3. Gorgeous Elena – wonderful atmosphere you’ve captured around her. Perfect contrasts for highlighting the focal point, that and your edges – stunning piece of work!

  4. I realize I am the 80th person to respond to this, so its already been said over and over again but I just had to respond anyway….This is just so lovely! The softness in her you have captured is amazing. As always, thanks for sharing your phenomenal work. ~Rita

  5. Jane Thorne said:

    She is coming out of a dream…lovely. ❤

  6. It seems like the air is moving around her. Stunning!

  7. Greetings! ‘ve nominated you blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! 🙂

  8. Lovely as always, Elena. She’s one with her surroundings.

  9. Magnificent.

  10. Truly beautiful, Elena!… All the best to you. Aquileana ⭐

  11. It is very beautiful, and mysterious in a delicate way.

  12. A very romantic and beautiful painting. I agree with exiledprospero, she does have an angelic look.

  13. settleandchase said:

    Oh so beautiful – that light feels just like real light! And the delicacy of the jewels is quite moving. I can imagine it’s exactly that type of work, where you could just keep going on and on – so much harder than in digital where you can at least save all the versions..!

    • So true, Cath. What I love most about digital work are all the possibilities. One can keep exploring without destroying. That’s why I’m moving so slowly with this piece. Looking at it critically and changing a little at a time. Thank you:) Great to hear from you!

  14. Stop fussing with it Elena! It is a beautiful portrait and the background has a delightful sense of mystery that seems to reflect an extra dimension of the the model’s character.

  15. Simply….wow! There is a such an ethereal quality to this portrait. Stunning!

  16. Beautiful 🙂 It looks like magic surrounds her – another world/plane she’s forming from.

  17. What an otherwordly beautiful work you’ve created!I can feel the delightful chill of the mist around her.As if the colours and she has seeped into your painting.Brilliant Elena 🙂

  18. Elena I adore the happy light glowing from this one….the subject and surrounding her showing her inner happiness…lovely!

  19. S is so beautiful! She must be over the top with excitement!

  20. Elena, she’s beautiful. It would be interesting to see the painting when you consider it finished as I like this version. She seems to be entering from a different universe or perhaps from a different time, it’s impressive.

    • I don’t think I’ll be making big changes, just a little more fussing;) If I do change it dramatically, I’d be happy to repost. Thank you so very much, Petra:)

  21. Beautiful and lovely portrait, Elena.

  22. Like a fairy tale princess! very beautiful!

  23. Fantastic Elena! Beautiful!

  24. I loved it dear Elena, another amazing painting. Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  25. I don’t think it needs much tuning, it’s very beautiful as it is, with a natural feel, very spontaneous… But in your case, I’m sure you have the best idea to make it even better.

    Very good work!

  26. Beautiful! I wonder how your chose those magical colours.

  27. poppytump said:

    … a moment of reverie… a glimpse of a smile … how lovely this is Elena !
    A beautiful painting .

  28. Captured moment, mood, subject’s vivacity…

  29. How beautifully it breathes, Elena! 🙂 Wonderful work…

  30. A very lovely portrait indeed. Nice work Elena

  31. Just want to say “what I wouldn’t give to have Exiled Prospero commenting on MY blog! Terrific. Your subject is lovely. I understand the unfinished feeling, she feels like she is arising from someplace not quite real. How do you choose your subjects? It would be interesting to know, as it is their poses that is such a part of the magic.

    • I’m sure that Prospero would love to come visit you:) My subject is a young woman who is sister to one of my favorite models. It’s great to be able to see and paint a little of the familiar in an entirely new and different, but equally lovely face. Thanks ever so much, Susan:)

  32. So cool and carefree!

  33. She looks angelic and ethereal. Not only is the painting of the woman beautiful, but I love how you painted the background.

  34. I love that ☺

  35. Leave it. Don’t spoil the lovely ethereal image. But then, you are the artist

  36. She is beautiful. ’nuff said.

  37. Very beautiful! I like it as is, and as always I love the little details- the long dark lashes, all the shiny beads on the necklace, the rainbow of colors in the hair. Lovely painting!

  38. I like very much how it invites me to imagine what she is thinking about or looking at! And I see she’s wearing a necklace, but can’t see exactly what it looks like, I like that too!

  39. I love the moments you choose to turn into art, Elena – there’s always a really nice tension between medium and moment and subject and background. Really great.

  40. exiledprospero said:

    Angelic, Elena.

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