Newly Cloaked


bred                                                                        Oil on Canvas 8″x10″

I’ve painted five new “Cloaked” pieces but this is the only surviving painting.  More to come (I hope).


Comments on: "Newly Cloaked" (82)

  1. Mysterious … AND challenging too Elena . Marvellously portrayed !

  2. there’s a gorgeous wounded beauty to it a la the well known van gogh but also the lovely folds in all rembrandts self-portraits in all his velvet and robes…stunning work completely

  3. I am always in awe of the emotions that fill your paintings, Elena. Fantastic!

  4. Fascinating composition. What sprung to mind is the role of race & identity In American society. This composition can be seen as representing those trying to protect themselves from potential violence or those suffering the aftermath of it.

    • This series is difficult for me to paint precisely because of it’s emotional impact. I’ve got to alternate with lighter paintings. Thanks so much for your insightful comment.

  5. I feel a lot when I see this painting. Wondering how just how this person became cloaked and what that might mean- through a loss of some sort. I love the way more can be said through an image than words could do.

  6. Wow this gorgeous painting arises too many questions…Seems to me he is surrounded by,cloaked by his internal riots.He is in a rebellious attitude,in a very intense way.The expression is so strong that it is like a mirror to his mind which is loaded of complexity,clashes of his vivid personality and his negative dilemmas.I don’t know of course.This one speaks to me this way.Too much thing is hidden in his pensiveness.

    • I’m so glad to know that this painting keeps you guessing! This series is keeping me on my toes. Some of the work works, and some of it just doesn’t More to come though… Thank you!

  7. This is a serious and mysterious one. I look forward to seeing the other pieces too!

  8. There is some sadness, some mystery…I’m asking myself which thoughts are in this head…

  9. I love the mystery in this one, Elena! A stunning piece!

  10. silviadeangelis40d said:

    Molto raffinata e originale questa opera
    Un saluto,silvia

  11. There is mystery hidden behind that cloak. Is it sadness? Is it tiredness? Is it peace? A wonderful painting with lots of layers of interpretation.

  12. Magnificient! and as great painters you make palimpsest! 😉

  13. There’s a lot of emotion wrapped up under that cloak, at least that’s what I feel. Great piece.

  14. Ah Elena this is remarkable, truly a masterpiece of art – layers upon layers of depth coming forward with the brilliance of the focal point. Newly Cloaked is stunning.

  15. very different and unique my creative friend!

  16. Elena, that portrait first looked scary to me, than mysterious and finally powerful. I find your paintings challenging and that’s what I love about them. Wonderful work!

  17. If only I was so talented…! 🙂

  18. Excellent painting. Truly well done, dear Elena… All my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐

  19. Maybe you ought to take photos, or make a YouTube video, of your creative process, including rejecting and reworking.

  20. It’s amazing how you conceal as much as you reveal in this painting. It’s beautifully, done Elena.

  21. Love where you are going with this!

  22. So sorry to hear about those that did not survive! Amazing style and of course your wizardry with lips and nose!

  23. Very powerful today.

  24. Wow! A stunning piece of art Elena. The face is so life like. Brilliant work!

  25. Wonderful sense of quiet power emerging in this fine portrait Elena!

  26. Wonderful images! Despite what you may think it would be really interesting to see the paintings you thought didn’t work out and try to work out why some paintings “work” and some “don’t” 🙂

    • I have in the past, but it seems that search engines always seem to turn up the non-working work with more regularity than the work I’d like to share:) Perhaps if I x it out;) I’ll try to find a way.

  27. beautiful, haunting, appropriately titled.

  28. wonderful! really!

  29. Fantastic! I absolutely love this one! Fascinating work, Elena.

  30. trudny temat podjęłaś …mnie kojarzy się z bólem i cierpieniem pod maską
    obojętności …

  31. exiledprospero said:

    Remarkable, Elena. Absent are all the trapping of the 21st Century, as you present a timeless cocoon, a timeless look into the eyes of unvarnished humanity.

  32. Hope to see more of these! Great!

  33. Fascinating. I too wonder what happened to the others. Like the claustrophobia of this one a lot.

    • Thank you, Richard. The others have put put to rest;) New life is appearing on them all ready.
      But, I can’t promise that the new ones will make the cut.

  34. Good heavens, that’s awesome! Absolutely stunning! I’d hang that front and center in my office, no question about it.

  35. Nice work ! Like it a lot

  36. I kinda like the idea that there’s only one survivor … the strongest 😉

  37. Oh, no! I dread to think what happened to the other ones as I’m sure they would have been as brilliant as this one!!!!!! 🙂

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