Looking For Light

b-copy-1While struggling with the dark “Cloaked” series, I felt compelled to search for a little light.  This is one of two recent pieces expressing that urge to find the light.  Tomorrow, another light seeking painting.

Comments on: "Looking For Light" (85)

  1. This is lovely ,such skill capturing her mood

  2. Such a special light and what a great expression on her face…great!

  3. This painting intrigues me. You have caught the expression perfectly. It makes me wonder what she is thinking/feeling.

  4. Wow! Your work defies words. You are such a brilliant talent. I love everything you post.

  5. The sorrow in her eyes is so real.I hope she will find the light she is looking for and will burn the curtains that darkens her soul.I would like to listen to her story.Gorgeous art again Elena 🙂

  6. gorgeous portrait!

  7. Amaizing paint!!!

  8. It’s beautiful, Elena!

  9. It’s weird but she seems familiar to me…lol Anyway, beautiful portrait 🙂

  10. Absolutely gorgeous portrait dear Elena. Thanks for sharing!
    All the best to you and an exceptional new season!Hugs Ştefania~~~~

  11. A lovely contemplative piece Elena!

  12. Beautiful, Elena! 🙂

  13. As so often in your portraits, the eyes and the mouth define the character.

  14. …and by reaching for light, you have brightened my day, so thank you, Elena! 🙂

  15. That is gorgeous, Elena

  16. Light well found, and some delicacy with it.

  17. An exceptional painting Elena – you captured her in the most beautiful infused light. You are a master with edges.

  18. That’s beautiful, Elena. It’s full of light.

  19. Your struggles are exceptional! When can I get a painting lesson?

  20. Wonderful sensibility.

  21. Such a lovely portrait – a fleeting moment (and expression) in life beautifully captured.

  22. This is an absolutely outstanding portrait. It’s so beautiful Elena! Fantastic work!

  23. This is a very touching piece. The young lady’s nose and chin are of a particular type that I know well–a shy person most likely, a bit on the stubborn side. The light is exquisite on her skin. It reminds me of some of the Flemish Renaissance painters. Beautiful!

  24. You are so good at this! Your portraits never cease to amaze me.

  25. She’s beautiful…her hair…her eyebrows…so real!

  26. This painting is incredibly beautiful, Elena! With lots of light!

  27. Thoroughly enjoying your search Elena!

  28. exiledprospero said:

    Light, yes, but also a tinge of worry. Where there’s light, there’s also darkness.

  29. Lovely and lively. I just love it.

  30. This light seems to come from within. I love to see all the layers of color one upon another. Bella.

  31. Really nice, radiant!

  32. It does emit a feeling of light, in many ways. A lovely and touching portrait.

  33. This is absolutely stunning.

  34. piękne jak zawsze 🙂

  35. …it is evocative, pensive, lovely

  36. Elena, I love this! Isn’t it all about saving the light? Not easy to do. You’re SO good at capturing it. Congrats on another wonderful piece!

  37. Hehehe … it’s all about the search for light Elena 🙂

  38. Really nice, cool blog 🙂

  39. I LOVE your work!!! So evocative.

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