Oil on linen 24″x 30″

I haven’t posted for quite a while, but I’ve been working on the “Cloaked” series and larger figure paintings.

Though I employ friends and family to pose just as models, these paintings most often turn into portraits, like the one above.


Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. In art it is not all about geometric perspective but about emotional and psychological ones.

    Your portraits always convey expression, mood and aesthetics of the person represented and the artist himself and that is what I love about them.

  2. Great work, Elena! The way you rendered the background creates an impression of movement, which seems to be your signature. To me, it looks like he’s sitting in a train carriage, oblivious to the world moving behind him.

  3. Wonderful portrait, Elena! I love the expression in his eyes and on his face. There is intensity camouflaged as nonchalance. That’s what I see.

  4. Good to see you posting again, Elena. This painting is beautiful; it made me wonder how long your model could hold his arm that way, though. I would have needed a position change in just a few minutes, but then I’m an old gal….

    1. Thank you, John! I’ve been over at your blog, and read your latest posts. I’m in awe of your abilities, but have nothing nearly as intelligent to say! So, I’ll leave it here with high praise for your intellect, humanity and expression.

  5. The look is intense, Elena. The fingers on his left had are long and sinister, as are the fingers of a concert pianist.

      1. It was either that or a sorcerer. But you gave it away while giving your portrait a soul.

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