Oil on linen 24″x 30″

I haven’t posted for quite a while, but I’ve been working on the “Cloaked” series and larger figure paintings.

Though I employ friends and family to pose just as models, these paintings most often turn into portraits, like the one above.



Comments on: "Angles" (76)

  1. Wow! Great! Happy New Year! Bilere

  2. Can you move to Montana and teach art??

  3. Fantastic, this feels so fresh and breezy somehow.

  4. Nicely done, as always. I see you’ve been posting about as much as me 🙂

  5. Oh such lucky people to have their portraits crafted with your beautiful, artistic hands!

  6. poppytump said:

    A fascinating facial expression . You’ve captured it beautifully Elena !

  7. This piece here…Even though its mostly realistic, reminds me of Max Beckmans figures. The elongation of the hands and the way the figure is bent. very good.

  8. Beautiful, strong work as always Elena – great to see your art again. Lovely portrait ~

  9. This is how complexity turns into art when you know in which point of view you have to look at…so amazing.I love his strong expression,great work Elena! 🙂

  10. In art it is not all about geometric perspective but about emotional and psychological ones.

    Your portraits always convey expression, mood and aesthetics of the person represented and the artist himself and that is what I love about them.

  11. Fabulous work as always Elena!

  12. Love the dexterity of the pose with the wondering gaze!

  13. Great work, Elena! The way you rendered the background creates an impression of movement, which seems to be your signature. To me, it looks like he’s sitting in a train carriage, oblivious to the world moving behind him.

  14. Welcome back, Elena! Fascinating expression he has. Lovely.

  15. Great to have you back here, Elena! This is beautifully done, as always.

  16. Great as usual!

  17. A fine portrait, as ever, capturing an insight into the character of the sitter – although I’m a little less convinced by the arms and hands.

    • Thank you, Louis. I can assure you that this model is unusually flexible, lanky, long fingered and willing to put up with my pushing for extremes in posture.

  18. Amazing as always!!!

  19. Marvelous work Elena.Regards

  20. Welcome back, Elena. What is surprising here is that those awkward angles are really credible. Well done

  21. The awkwardness of the pose actually draws the eye to the picture.

  22. Great work, Elena! congratulations!

  23. Wonderful portrait, Elena! I love the expression in his eyes and on his face. There is intensity camouflaged as nonchalance. That’s what I see.

  24. Terrific attitude to this. Love the face and hands. Beautiful!

  25. I do love the angles of his arms and hands! It’s so good to see something new from you, Elena! 🙂

  26. Nice to see your work around here again Elena! ! : )

  27. Love the way you handle light. I like the composition too.

  28. Good to see you posting again, Elena. This painting is beautiful; it made me wonder how long your model could hold his arm that way, though. I would have needed a position change in just a few minutes, but then I’m an old gal….

  29. Wonderful handling of the light and I love the perspective and composition.

  30. M E Cheshier said:

    Nice work!

  31. Good to see you back!

  32. exiledprospero said:

    The look is intense, Elena. The fingers on his left had are long and sinister, as are the fingers of a concert pianist.

  33. Beautiful work, Elena!

  34. Looks like one of my friend when he got very angry ! I like it. 🙂

  35. Mâini care nu-și găsesc locul decât în poziții aproape imposibile.

  36. Gorgeous. As usual.

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