Precarious Cloaks


bCloakedclose copy

Oil on Linen 11″ x 14″bcloaked4 copy

Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″

bcloaked6 copy

Oil on Linen 6″ x 8″


Oil on Canvas 12″ x 12″

New additions to  the “Cloaked” series.

Lots to say, this post…

These paintings are intriguing and confounding me.  Many attempts live under layers of grounding gray, waiting for a new painting to appear on the surface. The layered images are indeed cloaked;)  I’m not even certain that all of the images above will survive.  I’m giving them some time…  I’m after a particular trepidatious quality in a painting that actually “works”.

For a while now, I’ve been experiencing a pinched nerve in my back, so sitting at the easel and at the computer is uncomfortable. The easel is priority one, so blogging has been and will be spotty at best.  The upshot is that I’m not able to visit your blogs as often as I’d like, and I’m sorry about that.

Also, I’d like to provide a link to Six and Crows.  Some of my paintings have been paired with fine poetry and a really terrific blog.

One last thing. I’m terribly excited that one of my “Cloaked”, “Persistence of Vision” to be specific, is being shown at the Crane Arts Gallery 105 in Philadelphia as part of the “Old Enough to Know Better” exhibit!  The show is presented by Woman’s Caucus for Art, Philadelphia Chapter.

bhood2 copy



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My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Oh Elena.. I have been aware from your blog for far too long.. These are just absolutely breathtaking… exquisitely beautiful…. The 2nd and 3rd especially and the final one too, all really moved me..

    1. Dear Helen, THANK you . I continue to struggle with this series, and your support comes at a perfect time. They are so emotional for me, that I fight with each one. But, I feel like I have to keep making more of them.

  2. Superb powerful compositions. Perhaps it id just me, but with all the talk of the refugees, especially the children – this is what comes to mind. Layers and cloaks of experiences wrapping the young. Will they arise like butterflies from a cocoon in a new country or will they be denied and enshrouded in despair ?

  3. Elena,you’ve depicted the invisible..with an amazing technique!When looking at them I can feel the figures/faces are thinking,deciding,giving up,losing,enduring,suffering,hiding,wondering, intense.I admire all of them.

  4. This series is very mysterious and moving. You are so talented. Congratulations on your exhibits and shows.

    I’m so sorry about your back pain. That totally sucks. Feel better!

  5. great series, Elena! Also congrats with your show, I am not the only one who find your images very haunting! Always interesting work here on your blog !!!! Greetings from artichokistan 🙂

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your back pain! I hope it resolves or you find some remedy or more comfortable arrangement. These are so beautifully mysterious! I am also experiencing a slowdown related to all things blogging, though still drawing every day. It’s always inspiring to visit here. 🙂

  7. Congratulations for being shown at the gallery, Elena! I hope you will get better soon and will be able to work without any pain. These are all intriguing paintings, I especially love the second one from top. You are so imaginative!!! Good for you. 🙂

  8. As ever the eyes speak to me in your portraits. I would so like to see them in gallery conditions – it’s just not possible to do justice to the textures in photo images.
    I hope you will be back to full fitness soon but, annoyingly, these things take their own time.

  9. A wondrous exploration, Elena. These are absolutely intriguing and beautiful.
    I find them both classical and modern and I love the tension you’ve created.
    I am reminded of your Pause series too; the ‘play’ with fabric…

    Wishing you a quick as possible recovery! xx

  10. These are a wonderful set of paintings Elena – full of mystery and muted emotion. There is a sense of old masters, yet there is a modernity to them as well. They are quite haunting, on a wall I think a viewer would keep returning to them, searching out the story. Do hope the back improves soon.

  11. Ah, Elena, I hope the nerve settles soon! Congratulations on your work – that is wonderful news! As for your cloaked images are beyond words and I sincerely hope they all survive! Here’s to your swift recovery. 🙂

  12. Do so look forward to your posts. So much to show since you’ve been gone. Your work ethic driven – the dedicated painter. Bravo on your exhibit. Be well soon.

  13. Fabulous work, Elena. I have every confidence that you will work through the pain because your talent will demand it of you.

  14. These paintings resonate with mournful longing too I feel Elena . Love the depth of feeling you’re able to portray in each one . Congratulations re your exhibition painting !
    Wishing you some much better times with your back x

      1. Hope it is still behaving for the festive holiday season Elena and you’ll have a chance to steal a few hours and flourish those canvases with some painterly brushstrokes !
        Happy Christmas from over the seas 🙂

  15. Incredible, amazing work Elena – exciting to see the cloak series together. Congratulations on having one of your pieces shown, a nod to your masterful brilliance as an artist – the selected piece is a fabulous painting, wow on those edges and lighting. Hope you begin to feel better, and personally I’d rather you spend the time you can at the easel and continue churning out these works of art!

  16. What the impressive works — images are even haunting
    = to see the paintings or looking into my own subconscious ?
    Don’t wary other blogs, get better is more important !

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