The Haunting

Bcloaked copy


One of several paintings haunting me.  I’m holding myself to higher standards lately, hanging onto nearly finished pieces, putting them aside for weeks, seeing them anew and correcting.  Only after many improvements, am I letting them go.

There are a couple more waiting to be released…soon…maybe..;)

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Hi Elena, I am so sorry to hear about your pinched nerve. Those things are dreadful. I hope the issue will soon resolve itself. Between selling a house and moving, I have been away from WordPress for a while. I missed your wonderful paintings! Warm wishes, Marian

  2. How I admire the expressive quality.Look at those eyes,the shadow of the eyelid!Amazing.The sharp piercing look builds a hidden conversation with the viewer.Immediately draws attention,arises questions,so hard to fathom out the mystery.Great art Elena!

  3. I love to hear of you digging in..this is so worth it – how haunting and compelling she many ways to read her. I love how the black is not all so black too, something is living and breathing in here for sure..

  4. Definitely haunting and powerful. I understand the desire to hold yourself to a higher standard, though I’m not sure I’d be able tell if something of yours failed to meet any high standard. They are always terrific, but I do the same with my writing (not that you’d be able to tell with my current goofy post – some fine art on display). I think the older and more experienced we get, having struggled with whatever our chosen media is, the more we realize that the quality we seek only comes with intense patience.

    1. Not surprising, well said, James! Age and experience teach us so much. It’s too bad that our eyes and hands are not able to produce what they could have if we knew this twenty years ago:) Thanks so much.

      1. I’m always amazed at how someone can be a great writer or artist at a young age. Experience and building up those mental muscles are such a crucial part of the process. It’s a big mystery. Past lives maybe 🙂 I’ll be a much better writer in my next incarnation (if environmental issues haven’t wiped out the human race).

  5. An ivory face emerging from the shadows – there is no single shade of the black; it has much depth and distance. The mystery seems to go on forever.

    An art teacher of mine once said that before you finish a piece, hold it in front of the mirror. I’ve found more than once that the picture you see tells you a different story.

  6. Well ok, but I don’t see how your standards can be any higher! But of course as the artist you know what you are looking for. Haunting is just the right word for this. Haunting and compelling.

  7. A stunning piece of work Elena, your tenacity and discipline is an inspiration to us all. I admire your ability to stand back and question, re-evaluate and then push the limits. You’re an inspiration ~

      1. You are a gracious lady my friend, thank you so much Elena and for the incredible visits you paid my blog today. Your words of encouragement and support stay right with me – it inspires me to keep on, keeping on. Hope you are continuing to mend – your work is incredibly brilliant in execution, can’t wait to see the other pieces.

  8. I absolutely love this, Elena, it’s magical and breathtaking. You have a good strategy to let the work wait a bit before finishing, and come back several times to make improvements and corrections, I like that attitude.

    1. Hello, John. How are you! I appreciate your supportive comments. I’ve just placed your book in my Amazon cart. A gift for someone who will devour its contents. Also a gift for me, supporting our creature cousins.

  9. A stunning painting Elena! it’s difficult to see how you can possibly be holding yourself to a higher standard given the exceptionally high standard you always work to!

  10. I found myself looking at this for quite some time Elena …. her secrets are held close …
    Beautiful .

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