D in Dots

bDianneindots copy


Oil on Linen 24″x 34″

A new portrait.

Sorry, all.  I’ve been spending more time painting, and less time blogging.  I’ve been and will be, following you and enjoying your blogs in bursts.  I’m slow, but I’ll get there:) I’m also posting my nature photography on Instagram, so click the sidebar photo if you’re interested.  As always, I very much appreciate your “likes” and thoughtful comments. Thank you!

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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    1. Thank you, Alex! Yes, I take on commissioned portraits. I insist on taking the photos however, unless the individual has passed and there is an excellent reference photo.

  1. Beautiful portrait Elena! I too have been spending less time blogging and more time painting! It seems as though for all of us, you can only do so much, and as for the artist, well, if given the choice between most things and painting, we know which one she will pick!! 🙂
    Glad to hear you are engrossed in your paintings. Looking forward to seeing your new creations. ~Rita

  2. The more I look at this painting, the more it fascinates me Elena. The highlights on the girl’s face, the shadows cast by her legs on the wooden surface — absolutely splendid work.

    Take your own time with blogging Elena, but do continue painting and creating these fabulous works of art. We will wait.

  3. Sweet and sensitive and I just LOVE THE SOCKS. Amazing perspective holy cow and also the floor is just lovely. Of course we love to see it all but painting is (almost always) more important than blogging. 🙂

  4. I love this one, Elena! The shadows in the white shirt and the different colored shoes are wonderfully done! I have done very little of blogging and/or painting lately. I am just waiting a couple of more weeks until my daughter is out of school to start anything that will take some time! 🙂

      1. Yes, it is, Elena. My daughter is going to be a Senior next year, and she has to take an English class at the college to graduate next year. She can get a full year of high school credit in one semester at the college. But it is all such a pain to deal with! LOL! 🙂

        You’re welcome, Elena!

    1. Hi Derrick! I try to work from life, but it’s nearly always impossible-busy people, busy lives. What I typically do is set up a photo session of my subject and take hundreds of photos. That allows me to get to know the subject a little and to begin to compose the painting in my camera view finder. When the subject lives much too far away, or has passed on, I will try to paint from an excellent photo. It has to be an excellent photo, because with a portrait, I can’t make anything up, except a backround. And working from many different photos is helpful for getting to know the individual a bit, but lighting is always different and this situation does not make for an acceptable painting. Thank you for your question. I hope I answered your question for you:)

      1. Thank you, Elena. This is, from the quality of your work, what I thought you would say. Unfortunately you have answered my question. I cannot think of a better portraitist.

  5. There is much more to this than representation. I love the way the woodgrain of the floor intensifies the closer it comes to the skirting-board; I love the way the grey of the wall intensifies the further away it goes from the young woman’s head, with the result that she has a subtle aura. These are attention-grabbing. The centre of the painting is the young woman’s lower body – the woodgrain focuses that – but that centre is enclosed and in shadow. The ‘aura’ draws us back to her face and makes us confront a personality. There’s much, much more.

  6. Love this. The pose is excellent. The face tells a story in itself. If I was a writer (lol) I’d say that this young lady is thinking about a recent incident. Whatever happened has made her think carefully about her next move. Love is involved. Trust is involved. The promise of tomorrow is in the balance.

  7. Thank you for mentioning your nature photos. I don’t follow Instagram and those are really a treat to look at. Beautiful painting also 🙂 I have to say though, the work you did on the floor in the background is probably my favorite part. I love your eye for detail.

  8. Don’t apologize! It’s a treat to see your paintings, whenever you post them. The pose is a difficult one: it’s difficult to get the legs right when they are folded like that, but you’ve managed very well.

  9. Oh , but should no apologize , dear Elena. You create exceptional paintings, this is very important!!
    I am very happy to admire them! Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    You have a fruitful and successful new week and all the best to you! ❤ 🙂

  10. Beautiful painting Elena – I was happy to find out recently that you can’t actually multitask – it’s a myth – so paint and paint, then blog – we understand :>

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