bwaiting copy

Waiting   Oil on Linen 11″x 14″b1lane copy



The Lane  Oil on Linen 16″ x 20″


Comments on: "Expectations" (58)

  1. Seems like she missed or longed for something—and still thinking about it! 🙂

  2. Fantastic! Your colors choices are terrific!~Rita

  3. I’m awestruck! You must be descended of the Dutch Masters or Da Vinci… or?

  4. By now, my dear Elena, you’re way passed painting with skill, you paint with the heart. So beautiful… 🙂

  5. Sooner or later, we realize that in our daily struggle to life, the road is not always smooth, nor has it ever been promised to be so.

  6. These are both so brilliant, Elena. Love the way the backgrounds enhance the psychological depth.

  7. Waiting for bad news ? .. I hope not.

  8. I am really touched by your pictures.

  9. I particularly like Waiting. The composition encourages my imagination and participation as a viewer.

  10. Beautiful Elena!

  11. Ohh Elena ❤ xXx

  12. Now, this pair I love, particularly the top one. You have the girl leaning slightly into the wind that is whipping her hair and the vegetation behind her. Her arms are folder against the slight chill, and her eyes narrowed. Brilliantly expressive.

  13. Engaging and thought provoking…

  14. Wow! Gorgeous work, Elena.

  15. I received so much pleasure from these pieces. The delicacy of the light on the young lady’s eyelashes almost makes me cry. Life, you know? In all its beauty.

  16. Absolutely amazing. I can feel that weather!

  17. quietmindquietbody said:

    Stunning, love it!

  18. Breathtaking. 🙂

  19. You have captured “waiting” in a very powerful way! the first one seems to capture the expectation and the second one the slight anxiety we often feel when waiting. Beautiful, both of them!

  20. we may see how she feels, but not what she feels

  21. a beautiful addition to a growing display of quality talent

  22. vanglo48 said:

    Wow…..that red hair set against the complementary yellow – green, beachy foliage – the greys in front and behind – the wind whipping everything. Wonderful colors. I can feel the air. Bella.

  23. Wonderful. I don’t think I’ve seen a full figure one before

  24. Waiting is difficult…at least I think so.
    The expression in the 2nd painting reflects that feeling!

  25. Once again, amazing expression. If you ever want to write a blog post on how you do this–just let me know!!

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