Recent pencil drawings each approx. 16″x 20″

I love my General’s Kimberly 9xxB extra soft pencil.


Comments on: "Pencil" (81)

  1. mothcaterpillar said:

    amazing work! always worth to come here 🙂

  2. Amazing work, Elena. I definitely would have thought the one on the left was a photograph.

  3. Wow! These are stunning! Beautiful drawings, Elena.

  4. Excellent.
    The first one looks almost like a photo.

  5. And I thought that one on the left were a photograph! 🙂 Love the feel of it!

  6. Wow, Elena! Wonderful pencil drawings – so full of life!

  7. wonderful 🙂

  8. And you pencil drawings are so full of character. Two beautiful studies.

  9. Pencils are full of stories, memories and feelings, but only a brilliant and sensitive artist like you, is able to make them visible.
    Warm regards.

  10. These are wonderful Elena – you have such an insight into character in your work. Lovely to see you back!

  11. These are exceptional! Your work is always better than the best of today and challenging the past. Thank you so much!

  12. Just wonderful, Elena! I really love the moment’s you capture. Stunning and even more vulnerable-seeming in pencil.

  13. Exquisite pieces. Yes, those glorious soft, dense blacks of the 9+ pencils. Such lovely work. You inspire and move me, as ever!

  14. Rally beautiful drawings, Elena!!

  15. Strong and beautiful!

  16. Exquisite ! So sensitively approached and drawn Elena .
    Over the moon to see some of your recent work drop into my inbox 🙂

  17. Wow, Elena, I love them both. So impressive!

  18. So nice to see you back. Your work is beautiful.

  19. i love your pencil too!

  20. first I thought that’s a dream…than I thought no… this is real….and the opposite way again… but what I see now it’s definitely amazing ! Good work, hats off to Elena!

  21. Contrasting portraits but, most importantly, each conveys the essence of the subject quite beautifully. There is a tactile dimension to the range of tones and textures and, as ever with your portraits, the eyes reveal so much! I’m sure you and General Kimberley are going to enjoy a very fruitful relationship!

  22. Excellent drawings, Elena. Good to see you again

  23. Oh Elena, words don’t do justice to your talent…these are ‘real’. ❤

  24. You’re amazing, Elena!

  25. Wonderful portraiture – more than the sum of its parts.

  26. You have captured so much emotion and humanity in these, Elena. They are gorgeous!

  27. These are so life- like. (sorry if this is a duplicate comment. Not sure first went through.)

  28. Oh, I missed your work! Brilliant, my friend! 🙂

  29. These are amazing! So talented you are!

  30. You have the artist’s eye, for sure. A real gift.

  31. Wow, these are incredible drawings, Elena.

  32. I hope I can draw like you one day 🙂

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