Two Views


Same model, two views.

10″ x 10″Oil on Linen


18″ x 18 ” Oil on Linen


Comments on: "Two Views" (32)

  1. Your second portrait and the model reminds me of a girl in a very famous painting.The only thing missing is a pearl earring!

  2. PS But of course, there is another story of a girl painting someone or something, probably the one who is looking at her. And there is more, I’m sure. Wonderful multi-dimension! 🙂

  3. I love the second portrait, Elena. It makes me think what the girl might be thinking about, the pencil or pen in her hand makes it perfect. Sometimes, when I write something, I turn my head and look blindly aside and my mind is putting the bits and pieces together while I’m waiting for the result. That’s exactly the moment that I see in the painting and in the expression of the face. Great story indeed.

  4. These are equally fascinating portraits! One more like observing from outside and the other more personal and a bit mystical – to me, that is.

  5. Both equally stunning, the first perhaps holding more mystery

  6. The sense of Dutch masters is here in both portraits. The viewpoint of the top painting is most arresting.

  7. You have a kind of Renaissance vibe going here!

  8. You’re so talented. 🙂 These are amazing.

  9. Elena, I love the way you paint people’s hair!! 🙂

  10. Beautiful, quiet portraits that speak volumes!

  11. Amazing and beautiful!

  12. Such skilful work, I love the look in her eyes that you’ve captured too.

    – Esme upon the Cloud

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