Lightly Cloaked

12″ x 12″Oil on Linen

A new addition to the “Cloaked” series but with a lighter, cooler palette.


Comments on: "Lightly Cloaked" (36)

  1. That’s a good backlog you’ve been showing.

  2. i love the mystery here…let me think a story about…

  3. This is very very beautiful

  4. Gorgeous. Full of suggestion and emotional complexity. That loose white paint is brilliant.

  5. Cloaked—with light elemental.. Love this! 🍸

  6. Really fabulous!

  7. Oh how fun to get caught up on what you’ve been doing creatively! The most recent one is my favorite…”Lightly cloaked.” Just beautiful and so much feeling!

  8. I see you have been busy recently.
    Though I like them all, this one if my favourite. There is something mysterious, or even ghostly, about the portrait that makes it stand out.

  9. I’m intrigued by how much you convey about character from a minimum amount of visual information.

  10. Mysterious and beautiful. The white just glows.

  11. Stunning and serene. I love the ethereal, dreamy, haunting quality of this piece.

  12. Disturbing, in a gorgeous way.

  13. this is interesting and great 🙂

  14. A splendidly delicate variation on your usual style

  15. a talented work soliciting questions and wonderment

  16. Mysterious mood. Another great one! I think I should use your pictures when I teach creating a character. THey’re so evocative!

  17. Oh my this is just exquisite….on so many levels!

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