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Digital Painting Tutorial Part 3

Final “Spring”

Because Spring is part two of a four-part project, I had be sure that the choices I made for this piece will harmonize with the previous work.

I have a very clear vision of the overall project, and have decided to contrast the moods of the seasons greatly.  On the other hand, I will needed to organize specific consistencies.

They are:

*minimizing of neck and body

*some sort of collar appropriate to each season

*the same necklace representing nature’s hardships

*long hair with a life of its own

*a certain amount of dimension and texture in the back round

*a value gradient dark to light from bottom to top

*one element of disguise

*clear difference in position of the head and eyes reflecting the qualities of each season

(*perhaps a border when all four have been completed)

Below are the steps I took  to stylize Ms. Spring, ultimately  leading to the finish (above).



Petite Flowers

The last in my three-part SPRING uplift;)

Spring Unfurling

The Birds

I forget every year how intoxicating spring really is.  I’m grateful for another one.


We’ve got ’em.  Just this afternoon, the sun came out and the maple leaves are doing their best to shine.

Won’t be long now till Harvey tries his best to make his dreams come true.  Not to worry though, because he is almost always thwarted by nature’s balance and the boundaries of our kitty enclosure.

Leaf Watch

All of you fellow leaf watchers might be interested to know that in The Netherlands the maples are already showing off their lush attributes.  Check out this link  and you will find evidence of such a maple.  You will also find photos of an adorable sheep, great art, and a wonderful outlook on life.

April 20, AM

I can really see them now.  The baby leaves are unfurling.   I’m still waiting for the moment that the leaves steal center stage from the blossoms.

This spring I’m going to catch it.  The moment the first tree leaves début;small, still curled, a blur of sensational spring green.  In the past, I’ve meant to take note of exactly when it happens, but I become distracted, and I ultimately forget.  The leaves open and I’ve missed it.  This year I’m concentrating on the huge maple in my yard. This is how the potential leaves look today, Tuesday afternoon, April 19.

I’ll keep you posted.

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