Back To School:How’s it going?

Most students are back at school. The September phase that I like to call “transition” is in place.  It’s the settling in period- for parents, college students, and K-12’s alike.  Teachers must experience this too.  It’s about becoming comfortable with new terrain.  In my experience, “transition” seems to last approximately  two weeks.

I’ve  played with a couple of visual translations of the “transition” state. They are all digital illustrations, and I’ve included the steps in the process of making them.

I’d love to illustrate your “transition” stories throughout the month of September. So, leave me a comment describing how you’re feeling about going back to school. How was the first day?  Do you find yourself lodging with a particularly interesting new roommate?  Will the first day of middle school vividly reside in your memory forever?  Have you recently graduated, but still feel the pull of this back to school passage?  Parents, teachers, you count too.  How are you feeling about this annual autumnal migration?

Sketches brought to you by the glories of Photoshop and Wacom tablets:


Most of us find ourselves facing an end and a beginning.  A transition, to be sure.  Approaching or experiencing a moment that comes round once a year: waving goodbye to our kids who are going back to school.

Our older kids, young adults really, have probably already used the  living room as a staging platform to gather enormous piles of “stuff” to pack into the car, to haul off to college.  The younger kids have probably already dragged you through  Staples to acquire candy colored school supplies and the requisite box of tissues.  Did you buy an extra box?

Are you letting loose with tears of joy because you are again able to reclaim the  house, or some structure in your life, or are you weeping because, there’s a place within your rib cage that feels both heavy and empty simultaneously?   Too difficult to tease apart?  Ah… I know.

This condition calls to me to fill and lighten my being.  My remedy is to create something.  Voila, this blog was born.  I intend to fill its pages with sketches and ideas for lofty projects. While our most beloved “creations” are away gaining a little more independence each day, I say, let’s create. A cake perhaps, a new company, a new resume, a chapter in that book you always wanted to write, a new exercise routine, a drawing, a song> sing a song, start a blog.

Of course, your days and evenings are already full, whether  the kids are home or not.  But..start fresh.  Just like the kids.  Make something new.  That’s what I’ll be doing right here. Making new art, for kids, but mostly for me.

I hope to find you here again to critique what I make, should you feel the urge.  Hopefully, some of this work may end up in a book or magazine that you’ll read to your kids, grandkids, students, or neighborhood kids.  Perhaps as early as next summer.  Please share your creations.  We already share a lot.  We’re moms.

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