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Watercolor Wednesday

mombaby copy

This is a larger watercolor than I usually paint, at 15″ x 22″.  The color is also far more restrained than my usual watercolor experiments.  There is also a touch of acrylic in this mostly watercolor effort.

Upon completion with the watercolor paint, I felt a need to lighten areas of the figure but found it was too late to lift those areas with a damp brush.   So, I enlisted a few strokes of acrylic. Perhaps I’ll try a little liquid frisket next time to hold the lightest lights.


Beginning, Staying and Straying

Sketchbook Project Pages 9-10

I’m working with pencil on stipple paper again, with the tiniest bit of liquid pencil and white acrylic.  Just playing a little with scale and the concepts of beginning, staying and straying.

More Sketchbook

I found some old little plastic bottles with a fine nozzle tip, filled with acrylic paint soooo I played with them in my sketchbook.  I added a little graphite and  in a couple of minutes this figure danced into existence.

Sketchbook Page

Tissue, Sharpie and white acrylic.

kIDS arT

Jonathan O. kept the energy flowing with this gorgeous triptych.   He began organically, and his imagination ruled the concept and design of the paintings.  Jonathan completed the “Bison”canvas first.  This painting set the design for the other two creatures and canvases.   I think they work almost as well separately as they do together.  But as a triptych, the piece truly speaks to the magical convergence of  inspiration, imagination, and skill.  Really exciting work Jonathan!


As promised earlier in the month, here is Samantha’s completed acrylic painting.  Clearly, Samantha is not afraid of rendering her darks and lights.  She’s a natural with values. However, translating black and white into color is a little tricky.  This is not a problem for Samantha. She dove right in with complementary colors.  They pop with energy when placed together, as you can see in this piece.  Sam didn’t stop there, she added drama with her stylized interpretation of the scene.  The design work in her  composition pulls each element together beautifully.  Samantha’s painting welcomes the viewer to step right in, pick some apples and enjoy the warmth of the scene. Very nice work.

KIds aRT

The title of Callie’s piece is “Tortured Fruit”.   A really fine acrylic painting that beautifully depicts the actual unfortunate fruit.  Callie achieved the realistic effects in this work through a series of acrylic washes.  This is a time-honored technique of the “Old Masters” tweaked for the materials we use in 2011.   I think she created a fabulous painting.

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