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Guest Post

Hi Everyone!

A previous post that I’ve polished up a bit, is making a guest appearance over at  Vision and Verb.

Vison and Verb is a wonderful blog, and I’m so glad to have discovered it via a fellow blogger, when I clicked on his link to Vision and Verb.


Young Artist Sites

This is part of a repost from my blog for young artists.  I thought it might be exciting to share with you some excellent examples of  exemplary online presence and some terrific work by very young artists. Their ages span from pre-teen to young adult.

The sites below are three brilliant examples of what very young visual artists are doing.  The first is Isabella’s beautiful blog.

Isabella has created three separate sections for her work. There’s the poetry section, fine art section, and fashion (her own designs).  Isabella regularly posts wonderful works in progress.  You must have a look.  will bring you to Eleanor Leonne Bennett’s website that is full of her fantastic photography.  It is worth every minute you’ll spend on her website, enjoying her work.  I urge you to investigate every photograph.

Kellie See, at  beautifully chronicles her coursework as an art student studying illustration.  On her terrific blog, you’ll find very specific and instructive posts about what she is thinking and working through. This is what Kellie has to say about her blogging experience:

“I think blogging is fantastic. Its such a great opportunity for people to meet others that share similar interests. Since I started blogging I’ve seen some great pieces of work and read the most amazing posts by other bloggers. They are truly an inspiration for me. Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me where I can share my work and get real opinions and comments back. This is so useful and is a great way to find out what others think and to also help you decide which direction to take next. The blogging community have been fabulous and they are so friendly which makes my blogging experience all the better. I really wouldn’t be without it. Kellie :) “

Book Trailer!

Apart from the cringing ache of hearing my voice in the voiceover, the trailer for Portrait of a Girl and Her Art was a joy to make. Many thanks to the artists for their vibrant contributions and thanks to my son Julian for his music.

If you don’t already know about my book and are not already acquainted with my blog for young artists, they are both called Portrait of a Girl and Her Art.  The blog is devoted to young artists and their work.  The book celebrates young female artists. The trailer provides a teaser of the amazing art created by these very young artists.

If you haven’t already visited the blog, please have a look around by clicking here.   If you have visited, I can promise more about the book, and additions to nearly every page on the blog.  If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students, or young neighbors who have an interest in art, please direct them to the blog. It is my hope to keep the blog growing with more projects, ideas, and interviews so it may become a place of true artistic community.

All of you readers inspire me through your blogs, comments and support.   Through the book and attention to the blog, I hope to pay it forward to the next generation of artists.

*Flowers, pastel by Elizabeth

Kreative Blogger

Kim of  BUDDAFULKAT  has ever so kindly awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award.  I must therefore thank Kim (and I do most sincerely),  select 6 blogs to pass on the award, and reveal 10 things about me that you may not already know.

Before I fulfill my award obligations, let me say this……..I’ve many online friends with terrific blogs, who have already been bestowed with the Kreative Blogger so they are ineligible.  I also enjoy the blogs of online friends who prefer to bow out gracefully from awardings in general, so I respect their wishes.  It’s lucky that I know lots of bloggers left to honor.  If any of the bloggers below choose to decline the award, it’s fine-no pressure.  Just know that I enjoy your posts.

Ok, here goes:

Amal’s b-b-b-bloggg-wonderful artist/ illustrator with a big heart and a great sense of humor

Leslee hare-another blogger full of heart and all kinds of interesting posts.

the slumbering herd-wild and wonderful crazy creatures

Carol Baldwin’s Blog-fine writing, teaching and reading/reviews

Muchchow’s Creative Photo Blog-fabulous photos/interesting and intelligent posts

Louis’ Page-great photos and all things artsy

About me…………….

I really hate grocery shopping, eggs and intolerance.

I am rarely without my mp3 player (it gets me through grocery shopping).

My mp3 player is packed with audio books.

I drink a zillion cups of tea a day.

I’m a member of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, but certainly not a doctor.

I’m a huge fan of funky, comfortable, fabric top shoes.

I live in a very old skinny house with three staircases.

I am never bored.

I am the only non-musician in my immediate family.

I bi-cle every night on my stationary bike while watching favs delivered via my roku.

and a bonus #11-I hybridize words;)

Liebster Award!

I’ve just been honored with a nomination for the Liebster Award.  This lovely affirmation comes from fellow artist/blogger, Eldy from Eldy’s Space.  Thanks ever so much Eldy. I enjoy your blog too!

The Liebster refers to sweet, kind, nice, welcoming things in German. All of these words apply to the Liebster, because it serves to bring a little attention to blogs with fewer than two hundred followers. Directly from Eldy’s page, here are the requirements that come with the award:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2. Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Post the award on your blog.

4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogsphere – other bloggers.

5. And, best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

All of the above requirements are a piece of cake except for #2. Selecting only five blogs to pass the award along to, is really tough.

Here are my 5 picks for the award:

All of the above blogs are favorites of mine for a variety of reasons. Mostly, they are all artists passionate about making art.  They are also generous in sharing their work, their ideas and process, and they support the work of other artists.  Check them all out.

I read lots of other blogs as well.  I’m guessing most of them already have over two hundred followers.  If you know through my comments, that I enjoy your blog and you happen to be visiting here and have not been nominated, it’s because you are already pulling in hundreds of eyeballs.

There are however, a few more blogs that I can’t resist adding to my personal list of favorites. They are:

Check them all out.

Also, have a look at my links-many interesting young and not so young artists are represented.

If you have a favorite art blog, I’d love to know about it. Please leave a comment with the URL.

And thanks again Eldy!

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