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Newly Cloaked


bred                                                                        Oil on Canvas 8″x10″

I’ve painted five new “Cloaked” pieces but this is the only surviving painting.  More to come (I hope).


Another Divide

bdivideopenmouth copy

For the “Divide Series”                                             “Inhibit”

Latest in the Divide Series


I’m still working on this series but with a little less vigor, since I’m distracted by and doing battle with the “Blood and Vapor” series.   So many paintings to make, never enough time.

Divide Series Continued

bdivide5 copy

Pre “divide”

bdivided5 copy

The finished piece.

Divide Series 4

bdividestunnedpsdOil on canvas preliminary for the Divide Series

bdivide4With a glaze of white, parting the planes.

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