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Sunday News Article:For The Love of Ducks

While perusing the NJ Star Ledger on Sunday, I was drawn to an engaging photo by Andrew Mills, of a girl lovingly embracing a duck.

I read the excellent article by Mark Di Ionno, and immediately sided with Nikki Vuille, a twelve-year-old who desperately wishes to keep her pet ducks in their roomy pen, in her generous backyard.  Nikki’s neighbors are unhappy with the ducks and complain mostly of their quacking.

While I believe that wild creatures should whenever possible remain wild, I commend Nikki for wanting to do the responsible thing in caring for her ducks. These ducks have never known anything other than a domestic life.  They need Nikki and Nikki needs them.  Unless there is a compelling reason that the ducks should not live with Nikki in her yard, for me, all arguments that defend the removal of the ducks are just NOISE.

Credit to Mark Mills. My illustration is based on his photo-used exclusively for this post.  See the link below for more.

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