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Sketchbook Potential

This sketch originated from another scrap of a ripped up monotype that turned on its side, happens to resemble a face and hat of a fairy tale character.  The rest is improvised. I think it just might turn up again as a fully realized children’s book illustration.


Space Buddies

Yeah, I’m a sci-fi fantasy fan.  Love of  fairy tales and Dr. Seuss transitioned quite seamlessly for me, into Star Trek .  The new Doctor  Who, Fringe, Stargate Atlantis, and their ilk, tickle me.  I seriously relate to the work of Octavia Butler, Margaret Atwood, Arthur C. Clark, Joss Whedon, and Felicia Day.  There is something quite powerful in the crisp social commentary, fantastic creatures, dark mystery, and rye humor of  the work, that fully captures my imagination.  The blatant visual element excites my optic nerves!

I guess the wonder of painting on a computer with a tablet, creating illustrations for children, and all of the possibilities this arrangement offers, makes fantastic sense to me.   It’s glorious fun!

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