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Photo Friday




My wonderful Dad has Alzheimer’s. Like my Dad,  I tend to look back a lot at scattered moments.  One I will never forget is opening my birthday gift this year, from my Dad.  With the help of his caregiver and my Mom, my Dad was able and proud to gather, wash and paint ordinary rocks.  They are not so ordinary any more.  Each is brilliantly colored and  labeled with the name of a family member.

I felt it only fitting to present my gift to a small section of my yard.  It holds many memories of moments. The bird feeder was constructed by my kids and husband and incorporates marbles belonging to my father-in law’s childhood.  The bricks comprising the circle and the rose planting came from my grandparent’s yard.  The violets were lovingly transplanted from my parent’s home one stiflingly hot day by my Dad.  The pig was a gift from my in-laws as a house warming present over twenty years ago.

I remember playing in my grandparent’s yard.  I remember mentioning to my Dad that I coveted his violets.  I remember moving into my home, when my kids were small and were most often involved in making something meaningful.

Our Owl Mascot

Otis symbolizes many good memories of our kid’s elementary school.  It was then, a small neighborhood school which was warm, diverse and caring, under the leadership of a terrific principal who greeted each child and parent every morning and at dismissal by name.

An owl is still the school mascot.  My husband  carved this one in 1993.  It was a time when our entire family including grandparents, spent many hours with special art projects, art fairs, musical performances, PTA events and a host of exhausting but fun school volunteer activities.  A golden time.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Thanks and appreciation for visiting and following my work.  I hope you have an especially lovely day today:)

Our Sketchbook Project 2012

Saturday I mailed out our sketchbook for the  Sketchbook Project 2012 ‘s  January 31 deadline-whew.

It’s a project I’ll always remember because it’s a collaboration with my son Julian.  Julian inspired the concept, and we worked together truly as a team.

While I will forever treasure the memories of being a mom for my children when they were small, it’s a different kind of joy to work with my grown-up son as a friend and fellow artist.  Also a joy that our book will take a journey that we aren’t able to take ourselves, to fourteen cities around the world, and then return home to live at the Brooklyn Art Library.

I’ll be putting together a PDF of Water Music soon.   There are more collaborations with my grown-up kids coming this year.  I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Cluster Birthdays

March is a cluster birthday month for my family. It seems that many families experience a couple of months that are simply chock full of family birthdays. And, they seem to come all in one week.  Sometimes three or four days in a row. The celebration for each individual suffers a bit I think, because they tend to get lumped together, sharing one family party.  I’m not even considering twins, triplets, quads…

This post is for all of you who must share your big day. Happy Birthday to YOU!

Finding Shelter

The garden pig and his big heart, come to the aid of a baby cardinal and his frantic dad.

Siblings In Peril Spot Illustration

Happy New Year!  I’m beginning 2011 with a family pulling together.  The family pet is the center of concern in this spot illustration.  Often, affection for the non- human being in the family can bring siblings together like nothing else.  I’m not sure what type of creature this is, but these kids are willing to face certain peril to protect her.

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