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Palette Creatures Released!

b*fish copy

New palette creatures are now swimming in an alternate setting.   For those not familiar, palette creatures are colorful shapes that actually show up on my watercolor palette after a watercolor painting session.  When I spot them, I take a photo and play with them in Photoshop.  Some creatures require more attention than others.  This lot demanded a little more nudging than some of their predecessors.


A Daunting Palette Creature

bpalette lizard copy

Another one!  A formidable being, this creature made her presence known and demanded her fifteen minutes of fame!   She’s long gone now, but I won’t forget her anytime soon.

Little Weirdies

bcomet copy

The bunny dancer from Watercolor Wednesday and the frog from Photo Friday chat in the forest under a shooting star.


Watercolor Wednesday


Watercolor with acrylic accents. The acrylic is a crafty mix squeezed from a plastic bottle.

Palette Creatures

paletteopportunity2 copy

I’ve lucked into a magical palette. Creatures just keep showing up! This one is children’s illustration-ish.  I’ve pushed the PS vibrance up a little and smudged here and there.

Behind The Curtain

bstripes copy

Bird-childish watercolor images merged with a photo of my curtains.

Working Together

bripples4-3 copy

Part 1:  Ripples

New inspiration, has urged my Bird-Children to travel and to grow up.  Cath Rennie, a marvelous visual artist, musician and songwriter over at Settle and Chase, has adopted a few of the winged kids along with their scary birds, and has taken them on an adventure across the pond.  While the little ones were in Cath’s capable hands and environments, I had the pleasure of entertaining and transforming Cath’s babies.  She graciously loaned me three of her powerful photos;Woodpile, Doll’s House and Ripples, so that I might try to compliment her photos with my Bird-People.  The image above is a joining of Cath’s Ripples with my winged figure over-top.

With Ripples, I knew I wanted to celebrate the fluidity and light in the photo, so my figure waves with the fabric and light.

I enjoyed every minute of the collaborative process and I’m quite pleased to have taken the journey into Cath’s world.  Take a tour of Settle and Chase  and find the original photos.  You’ll be very glad you did.

Part 2: Doll’s House,  tomorrow

New Bird-Child


I’m still thinking on this one while working on three more.  But, this one is closest to finish and I wanted to share it with you.

Line Dance


A flip upside-down, a few tiny lines, and the photo is nudged into the realm of fantasy. It’s where I like vacation:)


Watercolor Wed. 15

Only had time for one this week.  Fantasy has been the theme lately so here she comes, a drippy fey.

Creative Writers


As promised, and with pleasure, I bring you the thoughtful, funny and imaginative stories prompted by this series of watercolor illustrations on your left.

Thank you writers!  I’m charmed and impressed, especially since many of these writers are visual artists as well.


From Helen:

I sat barely moving at the end of the pier.
Just looking, looking out
to a calm sea
to see if I could make sense of
what they’d told me.
To see if I could sense him close.
Had he really gone?

Gone for good that’s what they said.
They said he’d waded into the rough sea
to see if he could save her.
They said he couldn’t.
He didn’t.
He didn’t save himself from
the sea either.

I couldn’t sense him in the air
so I went into the sea
to see if I could sense him there.
I lay on my back,
head under the water,
holding my breath……
Eyes closed against the saltiness,
ears open to any sound of him.

What’s that pounding ?
Getting louder!
Only the pounding of my own heart
as it forces me to gasp for breath;
choosing life.
I didn’t get a sense of him.
Only a sense
that it doesn’t make sense.

From Cindy:

At certain times in our lives, we take a little inventory and try to figure out where we’re headed. Sometimes we discover we’re on the right path, and that we should keep moving forward. Other times, we realize that some things which we’ve refused to acknowledge, can no longer be refused.

It is here our heroine, one Nellie Pelagic, finds herself, at the age of thirteen. Her mother had told her, since Nellie was five years old, that her absent father was a Water Sprite. Nellie, an overly pragmatic Pelagic even at such a tender age, refused to believe such nonsense. And anyway, who wants to be different? Children are always cruel to those who are different. She didn’t even like the water.

It hardly mattered, she reflected, perched on a rocky outcrop at the edge of the sea. She didn’t have any friends anyway. Nellie was at her aunt’s house. Her favorite aunt, who was a painter! And she promised to teach Nellie to paint. Once that would have sounded so fun and exciting! But not now. It was the first time out of the house, her new home, since her mother died two weeks earlier. Cancer.                   Aged 46.

Her mother had never relented about the story, about her father. Her aunt seemed to know nothing about it, which further proved to Nellie that it wasn’t true. Her father simply didn’t love her enough to ever visit her, or send a note, or ask what she looked like. And now her mother was gone, too. She slipped off the rock and into the cold water, little caring what would happen next.

The heavy weight of her clothes pulled her down, and she did not struggle. And then something completely unexpected happened…

From Britta:

Whoever said you had to see clearly to find your way? Above me there are layers upon layers of atoms and molecules, softening the light, blending it with shadows. Here I see my world in blues, not grays. There are no uncertainties, just unanswered questions and longings. There isn’t fear, only a little sadness, a little bit of blue. If I rise above my water will I still fly as I do now, in the other blue?

From Hansi:

A teenage girl, rejected by all her peers for being a little “too intelligent”, sits by a lake pondering her lot in life. She accidentally falls in, and being unable to swim, quickly sinks to the bottom and nearly drowns. She is save by all the fishes, who think she’s the awaited messiah who will save Aqua-land, and restore it to it’s former glory before all them evil no-good Dry-landers took over. Well sure enough, she’s revived, imbued with super powers, and, as illustrated in your last painting, emerges from the waters and starts to wreak destruction upon the Earth.


Girl sitting by lake
Falls in
Floats to the top
Gets out, realizing nothing really happened.


Call For Writers

I had a very loose idea for a middle grade novel, about a young teen who does her best thinking under water.  So, I did what comes most natural to me, and created some narrative images.  The words however, aren’t coming.

I though it might be fun to invite all you writers out there (if the spirit moves you), to write your own paragraph/short story about what’s happening in the images.

It could be a fantasy story about the character’s ability to survive under the sea. It could be a short inner dialog.  It could be nothing of the sort.  I’d be fascinated to read whatever you talented writers can come up with.  I’ll post all stories with links to work that’s kid friendly:)

G- rated Steampunk Mermaids

Very recently two illustrators whom I admire, inspired me to paint a steampunk piece for kids.  Now, I really dislike painting mechanical symmetrical elements, but I do enjoy the look of  shiny geometric details. So I decided to simplify, take it slowly, and allow Photoshop’s filters to do the heavy lifting. I also relied heavily upon layer style to lend me an outer glow and to bevel and emboss.

I did mention that I was taking this slowly. I’m clearly missing both overt Victorian and punk flavor here, but the only creatures not propelled by steam are the wind-up angelfish and the starfish.  I’ll get a little more hardcore next time.

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