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Blood and Vapor Series

bDoubles copy

Watercolor and Pastel 11″x14″*

*A new series, “Blood And Vapor”.:   Who lingers within you?   Have you ever felt an ancestral presence?  The inescapable tie of family:hundreds of individuals, yesterday and today, here and gone.  A powerful resonance or inconspicuous vapor?


Pause Series Addition

                                                                          Oil Study on Wood Panel

I’m back to work on the Pause Series.  This time I’m disclosing the oil study before I present the final images.

The next seven Pause posts will be derivatives of the image above.  The process begins with a photo shoot, including fabric as a prop.  The subject has no idea that I am capturing the pause moments, the pensive moments, and not the posing moments. The next step; an oil study based on one of the unguarded/paused moments (above). The Pause images to follow, will wind up as very large custom prints. The process will dramatically rearrange features and expression. I’ll be posting one a week for seven weeks.

Pause #22

Who Are YoU?

A recognizable style.  Most artists have one or two.  Many work most of their lives mastering one medium.  Often one is a fine artist OR makes commercial work. I know this is rapidly changing. The lines between disciplines are blurring and that thrills me!  While I am not competent in any discipline other than visual art, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

I paint portraits, illustrate children’s books, wrote a kid’s book, make fine art, teach, and instruct a creative expression class on a hospital psychiatric floor.  I have painted silk, run workshops, made street art and illustrated brochures. Each endeavour delivers whatever the market will bear monetarily, but all inform and excite me (except for the brochures).

I work in oils, acrylic, digital painting, simple printmaking, silk, and pastel, and play with oil sticks, watercolor, clay, wire, photography, multi media, collage and just about any material I can get my hands on, including beet juice and congealed butter in my dinner plate.

The downside of course, takes me back to my first paragraph;little to no recognizable style. Even within a given medium, I’m inspired to experiment with different ways of working.  I laugh when I look at this blog’s  Illustration Friday archives just after clicking the tab on my Pause Series.   I think I’m still fishing around for one thing that suits me best. In the meantime, expect images of any sort from this blog.  At least my inconsistency will keep us all guessing;)

Pause #4

Pause #3

Pause #2

The Pause Project

This project is one I’ve had to put on hold to get my book going.  Since the book is now available, I feel free to resume the series.  Unfortunately, I can’t get into the why and how just yet because I’m still actively working.  It’s vital to the project that the models do not know the answers to the previously cited questions, because it could change the outcome of the work.

If you will kindly remain patient with me, I will eventually reveal all.  In the meantime, I will post images of finished work.  I also plan a painting tutorial to provide just a “little” back round information.  This work takes me far from the realm of illustration for children, and though I love that too, this is refreshing for me.  I’m really excited to share it with you.

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