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Google Image Nightmares

I adore Google Images. I use it for all sorts of reasons, but occasionally something unexpectedly disturbing shows up while searching for an innocent, benign image like say, a mouse.

This guy is what the subconscious churns up after a little too much exposure;)


Thank you creative writers who already responded to my previousc post-Call For Writers.  I’ll be posting your ideas (with due credit), very soon.  Anyone who’d like a take a shot at writing a little something about the girl in the water, please feel free. You can include your words in a comment, or email them to me  Thanks!


Breeding Brooding Bunnies

In the interest of strengthening and varying my portfolio of illustration for children, I noticed a shortage of  joyful images in my book.  I browsed through Google images hunting for inspiration.  I found a photo of a group of happy children holding hands and racing round a circle in “ring around the rosy” fashion.  They certainly looked happy, so I took it as inspiration.  I put the inspiration aside, and happy children morphed into happy imaginary bunnies.

As the painting started to take shape, some of the bunnies began to take on more complex expressions.  Maybe there’s a fox or  an irate farmer stalking the warren.  An intruder threatening the lettuce stash?  Perhaps a territorial dispute.  Not so uniformly happy any more, but maybe a little more interesting?

Happy Bunny Sketch:

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