More hair-raising:)      This one is gouache on rough cold press watercolor paper,   It’s 13″x 20″ and somewhat unwieldy.   I put it aside for weeks, then pushed the hairdo up and away.   There are still many areas to work through, but I’d rather move on.

Sketchbook Flight

  Watercolor and gouache on tissue Lots of variation in the new sketchbook.  It’s odd to see the difference in technique and mood from page to page. Kind of like the strange perspective of this little painting; the underside of an earnest little bird in flight.  

Cordoned Off/KiDs aRT

Anna, an elementary school student and burgeoning artist, rose to the challenge in this cordon off  assignment.  Essentially, I ask a student to take a paper frame and zero in on anything she finds interesting in the room.  The task is to cordon off a section of a 3D object, focusing in on any part …