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Cluster Birthdays

March is a cluster birthday month for my family. It seems that many families experience a couple of months that are simply chock full of family birthdays. And, they seem to come all in one week.  Sometimes three or four days in a row. The celebration for each individual suffers a bit I think, because they tend to get lumped together, sharing one family party.  I’m not even considering twins, triplets, quads…

This post is for all of you who must share your big day. Happy Birthday to YOU!


Finding Shelter

The garden pig and his big heart, come to the aid of a baby cardinal and his frantic dad.

Seasonal Sanity Sketch

Had to sneak away and make something other than cookies.  Don’t get me wrong, love the cookies, but need to draw.  Just a little draw meditation therapy to help regulate both the stress and joy of the season.

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