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Two New

Two new posts spotlighting creativity on  Portrait of a Girl.  Exciting artists from age seven to young adult.  Plus new young art on the ART SHARE page.


Kid’s Art/Bold Linoleum Block Prints

Rachel ‘s block prints are clean, graphic and really cool!    Rachel is a featured artist in my new, soon to be released book,

Portrait of a Girl and Her Art.

Imaginary Vacations/Beautiful Creations

Can’t get away this weekend ?  How about taking a little vacation via Kate and Audrey.  They have generously allowed us to follow them to exclusive places. Take a deep breath (go ahead), now make room in your busy mind for a beautiful respite. Exhale now and view Kate’s self-portrait.

Kate takes on a stroll through a garden of her imagining. Ocean breezes, peaceful, lovely, thoughtful, just like Kate. Ahh.

Feel better?  I thought you might. Ok, now you are ready to explore a little bit of Italy.  Audrey (who also makes gorgeous hand paintings), has finished her Italian street scene.  Buy a balloon, tourist watch or climb up the hill to enjoy the view.  Stop into the café for refreshment before you start back home.

There’s nothing like a personal tour guide.  Thanks Audrey.  I’ve always wanted to see Italy.

kIDS arT

Jonathan O. kept the energy flowing with this gorgeous triptych.   He began organically, and his imagination ruled the concept and design of the paintings.  Jonathan completed the “Bison”canvas first.  This painting set the design for the other two creatures and canvases.   I think they work almost as well separately as they do together.  But as a triptych, the piece truly speaks to the magical convergence of  inspiration, imagination, and skill.  Really exciting work Jonathan!

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