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Moleskin Sketchbook:Smoke

                                    Liquid Pencil, gouache

Smoke: the possibilities for imagery…


Sketchbook Liquid Pencil Smudge

Less is often more. That’s how I feel about some of the sketching I’ve been working with lately. This happened in two minutes. A pinky dip into the Liquid Pencil pot. I suppose I was channeling a woman of long ago.

In The Woods

  Sketchbook Project 2013    Graphite, Liquid Pencil & White Gouache on Stipple Paper

There’s just something about the dappled light and density of the forest.  The contrasts in the scale of life.  I want to stay. It feels like home.

Beginning, Staying and Straying

Sketchbook Project Pages 9-10

I’m working with pencil on stipple paper again, with the tiniest bit of liquid pencil and white acrylic.  Just playing a little with scale and the concepts of beginning, staying and straying.

Sketchbook 3-4

These pages are created on stipple paper and the drawing pencils are augmented with liquid graphite or liquid pencil.

I’ve never played with liquid pencil before.  Mixed with a little water, the result is a silvery paint-like substance.  Fun!

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