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Sneak Peak/New Book- Cover!

VERY soon now, Portrait of a Girl and Her Art will be available in hardcover, paperback and PDF .

I’m working on additional electronic formats.

Very soon I’ll have purchase info ready for one step clicking.

Portrait of a Girl and Her Art  already has a dedicated blog where art tips, exciting interviews with young artists, and submissions of art by young artists will keep the inspiration momentum flowing!  Please visit soon.

The Individual’s Individual

There are individuals who unself-consciously defy conventions and show the world just who they are; carrying themselves confidently, making no apologies for their self-possession.  They dress the way they like, say what they mean, and do not obsess over peer expectations.  They waste little time judging and gossiping.

I think we all begin this way.  Very young children are too busy discovering to worry too much about conformity.  So sad that many of us quickly feel pressured to fall into lines, marching forward, turning only to entice stragglers to join the parade.

I’d like to celebrate the children who dance zig zaggedly in the opposite direction.

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