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After Class

bafterclass copy Sketch of  an after class discussion or complaint…


Little Wierdies:Upgrade

birdtopBlogger friends:Do you ever create a post then neglect to publish it?    This is a never published draft- post I just found, created one year ago day…



Watercolor Wednesday

bmoth copy


Watercolor Wednesday


Blood and Vapor Series Sketch

bblood and vapor 2 copy

Pastel Pencil 8″x10″   Although I enjoyed making this sketch, I wasn’t really going anywhere.   It’s too literal, so I’m leaving it behind.  I’m working on lots of other solutions. So far, not much is really hitting the mark for the series*.

*A new series, “Blood And Vapor”.:   Who lingers within you?   Have you ever felt an ancestral presence?  The inescapable tie of family:hundreds of individuals, yesterday and today, here and gone.  A powerful resonance or inconspicuous vapor?

Little Weirdies:Bird Walking

bwalkingthebirdintherain copy

Walking the bird in the rain.   I have no idea why ; )

Watercolor Wednesday

bhorse copy

Tighter than my usual watercolor sketches, this one is a little too predictable for my taste.  Because I’m literally sketching with the paint, following no pencil guides, I became preoccupied with the horse’s anatomy.  She lives not too far from me, so I also struggled a bit to portray her as I have glimpsed her, walking or riding by her home. This sketch was derived from a quick snapshot.

Watercolor Wednesday

bpiggies copy

Piggy tricks;)

Friday Flight

bbutterfly copy

The butterfly marks 400 posts on this blog:)

Little Weirdies-Splitting Hairs

Common ground with slightly different view points.

Little Weirdies:The Plan

I’ve hundreds of half- baked little sketches floating around that I’ve decided to share with you. These share no common materials or themes at all.  I’m calling them Little Weirdies because that’s precisely what they are.

Watercolor Wednesday

brachw-cQuick portrait sketch.


Watercolor Wednesday


Yes, you see a little white watercolor. Couldn’t help myself;)


Watercolor Wednesday

bbear copy

Yes, it’s spring but there’s still a chill in the air.

Watercolor Wednesday


A very quick painting this week.  I’m working on new images/ collaborations.  Can’t wait to show you:)

Moleskin Sketchbook:Smoke

                                    Liquid Pencil, gouache

Smoke: the possibilities for imagery…



                                         From reclaimed watercolor remnants, a beast in its lair.

I’ve had such fun repurposing monotype discards, that I’ve ripped up watercolors that just didn’t work, for use in collage.


I’ve been observing the birds that come to eat at our feeder. They brave the elements, compete for a place, fuss and play, but they are always on alert.

It seems they can rarely truly rest.


Sketchbook:Stress and Anxiety

                                                                                 Graphite, oils

Predator/prey, pressure and worry;stress and anxiety, these two almost always show up together.

Sketchbook Potential

This sketch originated from another scrap of a ripped up monotype that turned on its side, happens to resemble a face and hat of a fairy tale character.  The rest is improvised. I think it just might turn up again as a fully realized children’s book illustration.

Sketchbook-Two Natured


Some creature study inspired by Nitzus’s photo. There was something in the eyes of this babirusa that appeared both feral and docile to me. The cat and crow are weighing in.

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