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It May Be Spring


It may be spring, but in my neck of the woods, Mother Nature takes one springy step forward and then two frosty steps back.   A crocus or two have emerged, but nothing much that’s green has appeared yet.  In the swamp however, the migratory birds are back, and all of our bird population is busy with checking out mates and real estate.

All of the photos I’m bombarding you with, were captured yesterday or just a few days prior.


Swamp Spring

bboxturtlemerging copy

This lovely box turtle newly emerged from hibernation, crawled away from his winter home, still sleepy.


A tiny painted turtle having a look around.


bfrog copy

A frog just up from the mud.


Lots of mating activity.

bbigturtle copy                                                                                                                      A snack after mating.



One of the resident nesting pair of geese, enjoying a little time away from nest sitting duties.


Zillions of Tadpoles


I’m impatiently waiting for the huge number of tadpoles thriving in The Great Swamp to begin to develop their legs.  I do hope that many of them will survive to maturity and beyond.



I enjoyed watching this robin and mate prepare their nest and keep it safe from invading squirrels. High drama indeed.   I hope I’ll be able to watch their babies take first flight.



I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated your kind comments last post re:blog break.  Thank you.

In the week that I’ve been away from my computer, spring has delightfully unfurled.  I’ll be posting some springy shots while I finish up a few projects and get some new projects started.

These images of spring are posted in honor of my wonderful Dad, who planted, nurtured, gardened, and mowed with fervor and delight.

Watercolor Wednesday

bbear copy

Yes, it’s spring but there’s still a chill in the air.

Photo Friday






Mother Nature has promised us another season, another reason to hope and to dream.  It’s a very good time to look around us and to reconnect.  A card to a friend is a fine way to do it. Vision and Verb has just the right card.  We are a global gathering of women.  We share our thoughts and images every day. We also provide images in the form of greeting cards to support KIVA, a non-profit organization.  For every greeting card sold, the profit will accrue in allotments of $25 each to be given as loans to men and women around the world who are starting their own businesses. KIVA is our chosen conduit for hope and promise.

Brighten a friend’s day. Make a difference in the world!


Petite Flowers

The last in my three-part SPRING uplift;)

Spring Unfurling


Nothing says spring like a couple of handsome frogs.  Happy spring!


We’ve got ’em.  Just this afternoon, the sun came out and the maple leaves are doing their best to shine.

Won’t be long now till Harvey tries his best to make his dreams come true.  Not to worry though, because he is almost always thwarted by nature’s balance and the boundaries of our kitty enclosure.

Leaf Watch

All of you fellow leaf watchers might be interested to know that in The Netherlands the maples are already showing off their lush attributes.  Check out this link  and you will find evidence of such a maple.  You will also find photos of an adorable sheep, great art, and a wonderful outlook on life.

April 20, AM

I can really see them now.  The baby leaves are unfurling.   I’m still waiting for the moment that the leaves steal center stage from the blossoms.

This spring I’m going to catch it.  The moment the first tree leaves début;small, still curled, a blur of sensational spring green.  In the past, I’ve meant to take note of exactly when it happens, but I become distracted, and I ultimately forget.  The leaves open and I’ve missed it.  This year I’m concentrating on the huge maple in my yard. This is how the potential leaves look today, Tuesday afternoon, April 19.

I’ll keep you posted.

Nearly Spring in the Great Swamp

So many of us are yearning hopefully for the promise of spring.  It’s kind of like an alternate “New Year” sans the party.  I imagine that the creature world has had enough of  winter this year as well.    Here’s a froggy couple making plans.

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