Spring. Mother Nature has promised us another season, another reason to hope and to dream.  It’s a very good time to look around us and to reconnect.  A card to a friend is a fine way to do it. Vision and Verb has just the right card.  We are a global gathering of women.  We …


New Year’s Day was a very good day for photographing swamp ice.  I have prepared no less than six series of different takes on the ice of The Great Swamp, Basking Ridge New Jersey. I hope you will enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed the day. This first set is entitled Enveloped.

Nearly Spring in the Great Swamp

So many of us are yearning hopefully for the promise of spring.  It’s kind of like an alternate “New Year” sans the party.  I imagine that the creature world has had enough of  winter this year as well.    Here’s a froggy couple making plans. Related Articles Spring Cleaning (