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The Descent Series



Rainy Day 1940’s



Raining today as well:)

The Descent Series


bextention copy

The Descent Series



bdiscomfort copy



Fair Hair

bhairgirl copy


The Descent series.

Beach Day

bsunglassesThe Descent Series





The Descent series

Watercolor Wednesday

An extra quick sketch this week.  Shall we dance?binspired by K copy

Watercolor Wednesday

A backward progression or choosing when to stop painting:





Watercolor Wednesday



bblowingkiss copy

Thank you!  Your thoughtful comments warmed and cheered me.  I’m feeling better, and I’m pleased to be back to blogging.  I’m taking it slowly, but look forward to visiting all of your blogs very soon.


Watercolor Wednesday


Someday Sunday

bredcoat copyLast watercolor of “Watercolor Week”.  I’ve had fun!  Thanks for the “likes” and for your terrific comments!


Watercolor Wednesday

bfashion copy

F-f-f-fashion- ish:)

Watercolor Wednesday


Celebration at my house! Our furry family has been through a crisis, but everybody just got a clean bill of health! We couldn’t be happier.

Watercolor Wednesday

A pause within a move…spontaneous figure sketches:figures

Watercolor Wednesday

bstooping copy


Bold and heavy here-experimenting with darks. I think I prefer lighter, with outrageous color. Perhaps I’ll try the same subject with lots of color for next week…

Watercolor Wednesday

Orange socks-watercolor sketch.



In the interest of better perspective, I should have blurred or lifted the color from the hard line on the bottom of the coat, behind her feet.

It’s something I’ll remember next time.

Watercolor Wednesday

A little tighter than the watercolor sketches I’ve been making lately, but still a no plan gestural sketch.

Watercolor Wed. 15

Only had time for one this week.  Fantasy has been the theme lately so here she comes, a drippy fey.

Watercolor Wed.12

I’m pushing a little farther into watercolor world with a figure + back round.  While I’m not absolutely thrilled with the outcome, I’m sort of pleased that I’m getting braver with the medium. Frankly, there are still a few stumbling blocks for me.

Over -noodling is certainly a problem . I sometimes don’t know when to leave well enough alone. Case in point is the water. I’ve no experience with watercolor water, so it’s a real challenge.

I also tried a touch of liquid frisket on the leaves of the weeds to try and create a little dimension. Eh-I’ve a long way to go if I choose to move into serious watercolor landscape. And while I know that I should make it my next big challenge, I have trouble finding landscape painting as exciting as painting faces and figures. I’ll be fighting that one out with myself. Don’t know if landscapes will win;)

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