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Watercolor Wednesday

bpiggies copy

Piggy tricks;)


Saturday Swim

bseahorse copy

Watercolor Wednesday


Fantasy drama with a little digital intervention.

Watercolor Wednesday


A quick one called The Lecture. 

The Light

blight A snapshot from a dream-mare.

Waiting For Sandy

It’s a very odd feeling. Kinda feels like waiting for the end of the world. Sandy, the hurricane-megastorm, predicted last week, has been blowing about my mental radar for many days. At first, I discounted Sandy as media hype and hoped she would just turn herself out to sea. When it became clear that she was indeed stopping by this way, I went into planning/action mode and prepared. That was yesterday morning.  This AM the sky is dark and bright at the same time. The winds are certainly threatening, there’s a sprinkling of rain and the barometric pressure feels oppressive. But, nothing more until perhaps, tonight.

I’m writing this post in a strange haste, feeling as though the power might go out at any time and this might be my last sentence or the last couple of minutes to post before the cable blows down or the power blinks off. Wierd.

I’ve no idea if and when Sandy will make me think better of this post, but I know two things so far; she’s making me think about my life’s conveniences and relative safety in a way that only happens when one is threatened with the loss of those things and alternately, she’s gathering away my energy and attention from  the work I need to do now, because there is not yet a mess to clean up or an emergency to deal with.

At this moment there’s only a mild foreboding, wasted time watching wet newscasters yammer on and drifting to the windows to stare. Best get something done. I am no longer able to type anyway, because one of my cats is so clingy that he insists upon sleeping on my keyboarding hands. I wonder what he knows…

Call For Writers

I had a very loose idea for a middle grade novel, about a young teen who does her best thinking under water.  So, I did what comes most natural to me, and created some narrative images.  The words however, aren’t coming.

I though it might be fun to invite all you writers out there (if the spirit moves you), to write your own paragraph/short story about what’s happening in the images.

It could be a fantasy story about the character’s ability to survive under the sea. It could be a short inner dialog.  It could be nothing of the sort.  I’d be fascinated to read whatever you talented writers can come up with.  I’ll post all stories with links to work that’s kid friendly:)

Stylized Blonde

A fun watercolor sketch with a little urban style;)

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