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Watercolor Wednesday


Back to some purely gestural sketches.   Quick and fun to make.



Watercolor Week

brooster copy

This week I’m breaking the form.   For the next seven days  I’ll be posting watercolor sketches while I continue to work on new projects.

Not to worry about commenting on each post.  I love hearing from you, but I don’t wish to make a pest of myself.  Hope you find one of the seven that speaks to you.

Watercolor Wednesday

mombaby copy

This is a larger watercolor than I usually paint, at 15″ x 22″.  The color is also far more restrained than my usual watercolor experiments.  There is also a touch of acrylic in this mostly watercolor effort.

Upon completion with the watercolor paint, I felt a need to lighten areas of the figure but found it was too late to lift those areas with a damp brush.   So, I enlisted a few strokes of acrylic. Perhaps I’ll try a little liquid frisket next time to hold the lightest lights.

Watercolor Wednesday


Yes, you see a little white watercolor. Couldn’t help myself;)


Watercolor Wednesday


Either Give Me A Hand, or Get me outta here!:)  Not sure which.

I began with two reference images; a woman in a fancy ball gown and an image of a child cheerfully reaching for something.  I fully expected to use the reference very loosely, as a springboard for a sweet ethereal scene.  But it quickly shifted into sometime else.  I went with it. Resistance was futile.

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