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Palette Creatures Released!

b*fish copy

New palette creatures are now swimming in an alternate setting.   For those not familiar, palette creatures are colorful shapes that actually show up on my watercolor palette after a watercolor painting session.  When I spot them, I take a photo and play with them in Photoshop.  Some creatures require more attention than others.  This lot demanded a little more nudging than some of their predecessors.



bcaterpillar copy

Another magical palette creature.   Fortunately, this little caterpillar made telepathic contact just before I swiped him with a paper towel.  Now with the aid of Photoshop, he will metamorphosize in cyberspace:)

Palette Creatures

paletteopportunity2 copy

I’ve lucked into a magical palette. Creatures just keep showing up! This one is children’s illustration-ish.  I’ve pushed the PS vibrance up a little and smudged here and there.

Watercolor Wednesday

bwatercolorpalette copy

This Watercolor Wednesday literally features my watercolor palette.  It’s a photo of the palette with a little digital enhancement. There’s a little magic in those tubes.

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