Watercolor Wednesday


Watercolor Wednesday

A good-natured, early morning, pop in the teeth, just out of bed, ten minute portrait! Nope, nobody I know.  Really.  Only  loosely based on someone I know.  Nope, not telling.   She’s pure fiction.   Such fun watching her materialize! BTW, not talking about my teeth. They stay put.

Watercolor Wed. 8

As a portrait painter, my new challenge in watercolor is to quickly capture a natural  likeness. When I work in oils, the process is forgiving, because I am able to walk away, reevaluate, and layer corrections to please both myself and the client.   The loose watercolor portraits of sisters above, were executed very quickly. …

Watercolor Wed.6

I’ve been pushing the watercolor practice.  I’m still mostly interested in very loose, direct painting.  These are very quick, (approx. fifteen minutes ).    About one-third of these experiments go directly into paper recycling. Here’s a survivor;) Initial  brush strokes