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Watercolor Wednesday

binspiredbyJHey J!


Watercolor Wednesday

blookingup copy

Watercolor Wednesday

bmerav copy

                                                                                                                                         A drippy portrait of M.

Watercolor Wednesday


Portrait of T.    A glimpse of his steadfast strength, inexhaustibly supporting his kindness, compassion and generosity.

Watercolor Wednesday

brachw-cQuick portrait sketch.


Watercolor Wednesday


Kiss kiss winter good-bye!

Watercolor Wednesday


A little muddier than I’d like.  Here’s J.

Watercolor Wednesday


A good-natured, early morning, pop in the teeth, just out of bed, ten minute portrait!

Nope, nobody I know.  Really.  Only  loosely based on someone I know.  Nope, not telling.   She’s pure fiction.   Such fun watching her materialize!

BTW, not talking about my teeth. They stay put.

Watercolor Wednesday


A sketch/painting of Dianne.

Watercolor Wed.

Watercolor Wed. sketch-this one took a little longer due to all the hair!  Of course, this is a backward progression.

Watercolor Wed.10

A fifteen minute young woman with a digital spritz to soften between the eyes, and a wee bit of extra hair on top.  Couldn’t help myself.

Watercolor Wed.9

A five minute happy kid:)

Watercolor Wed. 8

As a portrait painter, my new challenge in watercolor is to quickly capture a natural  likeness.

When I work in oils, the process is forgiving, because I am able to walk away, reevaluate, and layer corrections to please both myself and the client.   The loose watercolor portraits of sisters above, were executed very quickly.  And because they were not commissioned work, I had the freedom to get very close to the likeness I’m always after, without worrying about nailing a likeness.  The upside is that with watercolor, the paintings are quick, and I can make many.  I’m hoping that in a relatively short amount of work time, if I paint several watercolors of a subject, I will be able to yield at least one likeness that will hit. We’ll see;)

Watercolor Wed. 7

Another watercolor portrait, really quick and loose.

Watercolor Wed.6

I’ve been pushing the watercolor practice.  I’m still mostly interested in very loose, direct painting.  These are very quick, (approx. fifteen minutes ).    About one-third of these experiments go directly into paper recycling. Here’s a survivor;)

Initial  brush strokes

Watercolor Wed.4

I had some fun with this.  I’ve learned that I must never use pencil to plan a loose watercolor, but instead just go for it.  And, to experiment with color!

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