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After Class

bafterclass copy Sketch of  an after class discussion or complaint…

Summer Days



The Descent Series



bholding copybholding1

Another Descent Series piece.


For those who may be interested, I start with a drippy big brush sketch, then refine just enough to try and hit the sweet spot.



The Descent Series


End of the Day

bholding copyThe Descent Series



bnecklaceThe Descent Series



bvetern copyThe Descent Series



bskittering copy

This quick little guy was inspired by a kind offer by Mary of Oil Pastels by Mary when she posted photos of geckos and lizards on her blog.

Mary works amazing painterly magic with oil pastels, a medium which has always been for me, completely confounding!:) Mary is also a lovely, supportive blogger friend. Thank you Mary!

Rainy Day 1940’s



Raining today as well:)

The Descent Series


bextention copy

The Descent Series




The Descent series.

You’ve seen all of the watercolors below already.  I painted them one afternoon a few weeks ago.  By dinner time, the wall of my studio looked like this. I’m looking forward to starting another batch very soon.



bdiscomfort copy



Fair Hair

bhairgirl copy


The Descent series.

All Dressed Up

btheballThe Descent series.


Irascible Grackle

bsquawk copy

The grackles are back in impressive numbers.  I’m constantly mesmerized by their iridescence and shrewd behavior.  One particular grackle inspired this watercolor. He puffed up in the cool breezes, holding firm his territory and warning his rivals to stay clear.

Beach Day

bsunglassesThe Descent Series





The Descent series

Strolling Backwards And Forwards


bwalking copy

Welcome back!  Good to see you.

I’ve enjoyed my break, making new work and reorganizing my cyber space.  I’ll be dropping by your space very soon.

Just to keep things fresh, I’ll be posting a little more often, but with less scheduled regularity. Today’s sketch is one in a series of very quick watercolor figure sketches, inspired by old family photos.  I’ve been digging into the past, mining subtleties that influence the present.  I hope you’ll enjoy following along with my efforts.

It’s good to be back!


Watercolor Wednesday

An extra quick sketch this week.  Shall we dance?binspired by K copy

Watercolor Wednesday

binspiredbyJHey J!


Watercolor Wednesday


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